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Fittings S60x6 - compression

You have an IBC tank 1000 liters and you are looking for a compression fitting to equip it? Multitanks has selected for you many models to suit your needs. Our selection of s60x6 compression fittings On our online shop, we provide you with compression fittings to equip on the valves of the 1000 liter tanks composed of an s60x6 thread. Thanks to your fitting, you will be able to equip your tank with a pipe that you will be able to use in different ways, the most common being the recovery of the rainwater. Why buy your compression s60x6 fittings on our online store? By purchasing on our website, you will be guaranteed to acquire high quality products, which will not disappoint you to use. In addition, thanks to Multitanks, you no longer have to go to the shop and lose time: in just a few clicks, your order will be placed! Obviously, our customer service is available if you have any questions: you can contact us on 04 77 76 00 29 if you want to know more about our s60x6 compression fittings!
Fittings S60x6 - compression

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S60x6 fitting - output pressure Ø25mm

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