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By BRIGITTE S. (SEVRAN, France) on 30 July 2021 :


Product rated : DC402 air conditioning recharging kit très bonne fabrication...

By ERIC C. (LE PETIT QUEVILLY, France) on 30 July 2021 :


Product rated : Bache for vat 1000 L IBC / GRV anthracite color Bâche aux dimensions...

By Pascal L. (SAINGHIN EN MELANTOIS, France) on 30 July 2021 :


Product rated : Can Duracool 12A - 170gr , replaces the R12 and R134a bon produit, en revanche ne...

Security seals

Plastic seals are made from different types of plastics and are mainly used as indicators of unauthorized break-ins or access. The design of the plastic seals makes it possible to visually control any attempt at fraud or theft. Since their breakage is synonymous with manipulation, they are often referred to as indicative seals.
Security seals

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