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S60x6 valve - 56mm nut

At Multitanks, we know that it is sometimes difficult to find the exact part that we lack in store. That's why we've selected a large collection of fittings and valves: it's impossible not to find the missing part for your 1000-litre tank! Our selection of s60x6 valves with a 56mm nut On our online store, we sell s60x6 valves equipped with a 56mm nut. Several models are at your disposal, you just have to choose the one that will best suit your tank and best meet all your needs. In addition, the products we sell on multitanks are of very good quality: they are easy to install on a tank and will also prove very solid. Why buy your fittings and valves on multitanks ? Have you just found the 56mm s60x6 valve you need on our online store? Are you hesitant to order? Don't worry: we only sell products with very good value for money. Plus, you won't have to go to the store to pick up your missing valve: we'll deliver it to your home or workplace, which will save you time!
S60x6 valve - 56mm nut

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Mamor Mauser 2-inch butterfly valve

(4,3/5) on 26 rating(s)
Product Sheet 2-inch 56mm Mamor Mauser from multitanks 10020056
20,42 €

In Stock

Butterfly valve with S60x6 aluminium...

(4,7/5) on 9 rating(s)
Butterfly valve with S60x6 aluminium floating nut for 1000-litre IBC tank
23,25 €

In Stock

2-inch A-type ball valve with 56mm...

(4,6/5) on 43 rating(s)
Product sheet Ball valve type A 2 inches with 56mm floating nut for sotralentz tank from multitanks 10020256
24,08 €

In Stock

56mm ball valve with floating nut and LDPE...

(5/5) on 6 rating(s)
Product sheet 56mm ball valve with floating nut and LDPE seals from multitanks 10020656
28,75 €

In Stock