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Duracool 12a

If you are interested in mechanics, the Duracool 12a refrigerant gas is certainly not unknown to you. It is indeed more and more popular with professionals as well as amateurs.

Why choose Duracool 12a refrigerant gas?

Duracool 12a is used as a replacement for R12 and R134a gases and owes its success to its ecological qualities. It is indeed a hydrocarbon gas whose impact on the ozone layer is zero. It requires only 35% of the weight of the R12 charge and 40% of that of the 134a. Duracool 12A gas extends the life of air conditioning and refrigeration systems because, unlike R12 or R134a, it is not corrosive. Fully natural and organic, this hydrocarbon gas is non-toxic. Duracool contains an anti-friction additive that acts as a lubricant to optimize the performance and safety of Duracool products.

A refrigerant gaseconomic and ecological

Duracool 12a is an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to the use of the most polluting and greenhouse-emitting refrigeration gases. In a batch of 6 cans or 12 cans or in an economical pack containing the essential accessories for its use, order your Duracool gas from the Multitanks online shop. You will also find on our online shop additives for refrigerant gas (dye to detect leaks, solution to eliminate moisture, oil for refrigeration systems ...) and all the tools you could need to maintain your air conditioning system . Any questions about Duracool products or the use of refrigerant gases? Do not hesitate to contact the Multitanks team by phone at +33 4 77 76 00 29 or by mail via our contact form.

Duracool 12a

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A self-piercing tap for cans - R12

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Datasheet for self-piercing valve spool - R12 in multitanks DC6003
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A self-piercing tap for cans - R134a

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Datasheet for self-piercing valve spool - R134a home multitanks DC6007
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Datasheet KWIKDYE / DETECTOR home multitanks DC0019
18,33 €

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Pack Retrofit

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Datasheet Pack renovation in multitanks
124,17 €

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Datasheet PRO PACK REPAIR home multitanks DC0031
210,83 €

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