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Refrigerant gas - additives

Do you use or want to use Duracool 12a refrigerant gas for your air conditioning systems? If this gas can be used alone, in an empty circuit of CFC, HFC or HCFC replacing the R12 and R134a gases, some products could be useful for you to optimize its efficiency and to maintain your air conditioning and refrigeration systems. This is particularly the case of additives. Oil, leak detection dye, leak sealant or moisture remover to convert to synthetic oil in the refrigeration system ... No matter what Duracool additive you need, you need it find on Multitanks!

A complete rangefor your air conditioning systems

The Deepcool product line is complete, perfectly suited for both new and older air conditioning systems, and replaces the R12, R134a, R22 and R502 freons. For ease of use, equip yourself with a self-drilling tap for the various Deepcool cans.

Commto use Duracool additives?

Duradry, Sealquick or Kwykdie additives must be poured into the air conditioning system before being recharged with Duracool 12a gas. The additives can be used separately from each other, but if you choose more than one, you have to pour them in this order: - Duradry (to eliminate the humidity in the circuit) - Kwykdie (to locate the leaks in the circuit) - Sealquick or Systemseal (to seal leaks) - AC Oil Chill - Duracool 12a refrigerant gas

Refrigerant gas - additives

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Self-closing tap for bobbin - R12

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Product sheet Self-closing tap for bobbin - R12 from multitanks DC6003
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Self-closing tap for bobbin - R134a

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Product sheet Self-closing tap for bobbin - R134a from multitanks DC6007
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