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RENOVATION MULTICOOL 12a charging pack, replaces the r12, r134a and 1234yf

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MULTICOOL 12a is a surrogate fluid with a reduced global warming potential (GWP) for HFC-134a (R134a), R12 and 1234yf. Also iivrated with a bottle to purify the air of the vehicle
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Application and use:

Perfect for use in small commercial refrigeration and air conditioning systems, in which R12, R134a, 1234yf and duracool 12a have traditionally been used.


The safe application of hydrocarbon refrigerants by accredited technical experts is guaranteed with a common sense approach and compliance with applicable safety standards and regulations.

Simply put, hydrocarbon-based refrigerant can also be used in refrigerators and air conditioning systems.

However, like gasoline, solvents and other common volatile substances, hydrocarbon refrigerant is highly flammable, so its release must be prevented when an ignition source is present. The auto-ignition temperature of the refrigerant is 460-470 ° C.

Product features:

  • High purity hydrocarbon refrigerant.
  • Precision propane/isobutane blend.
  • Superior heat rejection – gives better heat exchange performance of the condenser.
  • Only 35% by required weight of the recommended fluorocarbon refrigerant load.
  • Recommended digital scales – they save a lot of time and also help avoid wasting refrigerant.
  • MULTICOOL 12a is compatible with any lubricating refrigerant.

Effect on systems:

  • Lower discharge pressures reduce the load on the compressor.
  • Less heat at the compressor.
  • Less engine draining at idle and running.
  • Choice between reverse or single-use valve.
  • Faster descent temperature to the vent.
  • Lower the vent temperature at all times
  • No upgrades to existing equipment are required.
  • No changes to repair procedures during installation.


Comes with cans of 285 ml, or 160g of product (equivalent to 430 grs of R134a, , 480grs of R12, duracool).If you want to use this pack with an air conditioning running at 1234yf, you will need to acquire an additional low pressure connection 1234yf (equivalent 450grs of 1234yf)

ADVANTAGE of MULTICOOL 12a: MULTICOOL refrigerants do not require approvals to be purchased, or installed in an empty circuit of CFCs, HFCs or HCFCs.

Although MULTICOOL12a is miscible with R12, R134a and 1234yf, it is forbidden to mix these freons with each other

Any intervention on a circuit still containing fluorine: CFC, HFC or HCFC requires the intervener to comply with the laws in force (Decree of 4 July 2009), namely to have the freon recovered beforehand by a duly authorized professional.

This pack also contains an INTERIOR PURIFIER bottle, a treatment that purifies the air of a room and all its surfaces by eliminating contaminants and leaving a pleasant fragrance. Its continuous flow saturates the room with its molecules evenly distributed over all surfaces without wetting or leaving residues.<

To disinfect the parts, simply shake the can, place it in the center of the room and press the total release button. The can will empty completely in a few minutes. If you want to disinfect vehicles with INTERIOR PURIFIER, simply place the can on the passenger side mat. Then activate the air recirculation to distribute it throughout all components of the air conditioning system.
Air contaminants are captured by INTERIOR PURIFIER molecules and their action is permanently blocked.
The 200 ml cylinder purifies cockpits and rooms up to 20 m 2

Technical fact sheet

Our products are completely sustainable: they do not contain chlorine or fluorine, which are considered the most harmful substances for the environment by the Montreal and Kyoto Protocols.
Multicool 12a effectively replaces gases R12, R134a, 1234yf, duracool , frostycohol ...
Multicool 12a is considered environmentally friendly because it has a global warming potential (GWP) of 3 and an ozone depletion potential (ODP) of zero
Comes with a bottle to purify and disinfect the air in the passenger compartment of the vehicle
A can of Multicool 12a 160grs is equivalent to 430 grs of R134a, 450grs of 1234yf, 480grs of R12
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