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By Franck F. (Surzur, France) on 04 March 2021 :


Product rated : Female/female reduced brass sleeve Utilisé sur une pompe à eau...

By moussa G. (Salindres, France) on 04 March 2021 :


Product rated : Female connection S75x6 - male S60x6 bien reçu en temps et en...

By - M. (Raimbeaucourt, France) on 04 March 2021 :


Garden gloves

When gardening, it is essential to protect your hands. With suitable garden gloves, it is possible to work despite the weather. You can choose between several pairs dedicated to different jobs.

Garden gloves

There are 5 products.

Small work garden gloves

Garden gloves for small GARDENA jobs are perfect for all garden and maintenance work requiring dexterity such as...
11,25 €

In stock

Garden gloves plantation Gardena

(5/5) on 2 rating(s)
Ideal for all garden and plant and soil maintenance work that requires good grip and moisture protection such as...
12,50 €

In stock

waterproof garden gloves Gardena

Ideal for cleaning, washing and maintaining garden ponds or cleaning a sprinkler pump and rinsing compost bins. Made...
15,00 €

In stock

Big work garden gloves Gardena

Ideal for all jobs requiring the use of mechanical and motorized garden tools such as axes, hedge trimmers or...
21,08 €

In stock