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By BRIGITTE S. (SEVRAN, France) on 30 July 2021 :


Product rated : DC402 air conditioning recharging kit très bonne fabrication...

By ERIC C. (LE PETIT QUEVILLY, France) on 30 July 2021 :


Product rated : Bache for vat 1000 L IBC / GRV anthracite color Bâche aux dimensions...

By Pascal L. (SAINGHIN EN MELANTOIS, France) on 30 July 2021 :


Product rated : Can Duracool 12A - 170gr , replaces the R12 and R134a bon produit, en revanche ne...

Fighting the steering wheels

Flying insects are a source of discomfort in homes, on terraces and around swimming pools. To avoid the risks they create, whether they are flies, wasps, hornets or moths, our company offers a wide range of products to fight these insects that will meet your needs.

Fighting the steering wheels

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Fly Ribbon - Blister of 4 ribbons

Protect Expert flycatcher ribbons effectively trap flies and other flying insects and are suitable for all homes
6,00 €

In stock

Wasp trap, hornets and flies

Wasp trap, hornets and Protect Expert is a reusable trap to be laid or hung outdoors: garden, terrace, near a...
14,58 €

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Pics Pigeons

Deterrent to the removal of birds, is ideal for gutter puddings, small-width ledges, pipes, cables.
17,08 €

In stock