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By Serge K. (LAUMESFELD , France) on 22 Jan. 2021 :


By Marie-Anne R. (Lamboing, Suisse) on 17 Jan. 2021 :


Product rated : 40-63mm key Ne sais plus quoi dire !...

By Albert F. (Giou de Mamou, France) on 14 Jan. 2021 :


Product rated : DURACOOL SEALQUICK Pas efficace à 100 pour 100


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Seed bars

The gourmet seed bar is an invitation to consumers' culinary experiences. All references are presented in a cardboard case
with the necessary quantity for 1 seedlings (average quantity calculated per seedling) and allows an accompaniment to novice gardeners in his growing experience. Inspired by the world of cosmetics, the aesthetic and practical gourmet seed bar is one of the strengths of the Kitchen concept
Gardening in store.

Seed bars

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