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By Herve F. (SAINT ETIENNE, France) on 31 May 2020 :


Product rated : Duracool 12A - 170gr can replaces R12 and R134a Produit de très bonne...

By Claude M. (VILLEMOLAQUE, France) on 31 May 2020 :


Product rated : DURACOOL SEALQUICK Correspond à la commande

By teddy H. (Saint mihiel, France) on 30 May 2020 :


Product rated : QUICK CONNECT QC-H - R134A parfait quand on a une...


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Seeds of shrubs

Invite nature on your terrace or in your garden by installing plants. If you have trouble arranging your garden, go for massive! To encourage you in the realization of this mission, Multitanks puts at your disposal in its online store seeds and seeds for massive.

Each variety of seed / seed is provided with a data sheet containing details of the plant and its crop (sowing period, date of harvest, date of flowering). If you need to be guided in the process of planting seeds and seeds for massifs , rely on the advice provided by Multitanks to brighten your garden. And if you have trouble making your choice, all you need isef = "http://www.multitanks.com/fr/contactez-nous">write to us by mail or call our customer service: we will be happy to help you at 04 77 76 00 29.

Seeds of shrubs

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