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By Jacques L. (MARUEJOLS-LES-GARDON, France) on 14 June 2021 :


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Contactless hydroalcoholic gel vending machine

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Contactless hydroalcoholic gel vending machine with a red infra sensor
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Contactless hydroalcoholic gel vending machine with a red infra sensor

It is controlled by a digital circuit with an infrared sensor and batteries (not included).

It works regularly and has a good anti-interference capability. Thanks to the infrared sensor, it automatically distributes the gel, avoiding manual contact and preventing the spread of bacteria.

Thanks to its low energy consumption, it allows the batteries to last longer. It is ideal for hotels, restaurants, businesses, houses, etc.


Intelligent battery control, the dispenser will stop working after 30 seconds of activity. This prevents its continuous operation by incorrectly starting.
It distributes the gel automatically and continuously, one drop of gel every 3 seconds in continuous activation.

Components (Figure 1):

1. Pump
2. Installation holes
3. Tank plug
4. Battery cover
5. Tank
6. Sensor
7. Freezing
8. Switch


1. Follow the steps and , unlock and open the front lid with the key, as shown in Figure 2.
2. Drill 4 6mm holes, as shown in Figure 3, and attach the dispenser to the wall with the pegs and screws provided.

Installing the battery:

Insert 4 LR6 alkaline batteries into the box, following the poles "-" "-" and close the lid.

Freezing recharge:

Unlock and open the cap, fill the tank and close the lid. The maximum volume is 1,100 ml.

1. Open the front cover, the dispenser is disconnected and is not operational. Close the front lid, the dispenser is activated and can be used.
2. For the first use, activate the sensor several times to empty the air tube from the tank.
3. To receive the dose, place your hand between 0 mm and 8 mm of the gel output, the dispenser will automatically distribute a dose of 1 ml of gel. If you do not remove your hand, one dose will be distributed every 3 seconds, up to a maximum of 10 times in a row.


Tension: DC4 x 1.5V LR6
Capacity: 1,100 ml
Activation distance: about 8 cm
Dose: 1 ml


1. To avoid unwanted operations, leave a space of at least 40 cm under the dispenser.
2. DO NOT install the dispenser in areas where it receives direct sunlight or on highly reflective surfaces.
3. Avoid blocking the release of the frost.
4. Keep the gel clean without impurities.
5. DO NOT wet the dispenser directly.
6. When cleaning, DO NOT use any type of solvent or chemical liquid that could damage the surface.


A gel dispenser
A user manual
16 screws
4 pegs 6 mm in diameter
A key
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