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By Fabien G. (Marseille, France) on 11 May 2021 :


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MAJOR SC 100 multi-surface detergent cleaner, 5L can

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MAJOR SC 100 multi-surface detergent cleaner, bactericidal disinfectant, levuricide and virucid. Biocide TP2 and 4. Sold in 5L cans
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MAJOR SC 100 multi-surface detergent cleaner, bactericidal disinfectant, levuricide and virucid. Biocide TP2 and 4. Sold in 5L cans


  • MAJOR SC 100 neutral or fragrant, water soluble in all proportion, has a penetrating power that allows it to enter intimate contact to places generally inaccessible to other degreasing cleaners.
  • Disinfects, degreases, cleans in a single operation.
  • Easily biodegradable according to EN 301A: 99% biodegradable in 28 days.
  • Active on Coronavirus.
  • Has no security pictogram. Very economical to use. Anti-static property.
  • Active in alkaline environments. Stable in hard water. Limestone sequester. Phosphate-free.
  • Strong wetting power and detergent on proteins, fats...
  • In accordance with the amended 8 September 1999 decree on the processes and products used to clean materials and objects intended to come into contact with food, products and beverages for the food of humans and animals (compulsory rinsing if food contact).


  • Cleaning and disinfecting small equipment, equipment, machine parts, tools, agri-food industry surfaces, processing activities, communities.
  • On plastic floors, tile, marble, carpet, skai, rubber. Tables / Walls.
  • For sanitary: chromium, stainless steel, earthenware.
  • For cleaning paints, fabrics, interiors of vehicles, ...
  • For cleaning and disinfecting equipment in gyms, tatamis, ...
  • For maintenance of VMC and aeraular systems.
  • Suitable for cleaning, disinfection and deodorizing neoprene suits for diving, surfing, and diving equipment (regulator, stab, etc.) soaking at 2.5% for 20 minutes followed by rinsing with drinking water.
  • Product usable in Organic Agriculture (PV-IAA) in accordance with Organic Agriculture Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007.


  • Consistent with the tests of the standards EN 1276 in 5 min (at 2.5%), EN 1650 in 15 min (at 2.0%), EN 13697 bacteriidia and levuricidie in 5 min (at 2.0%, in dirt condition).
  • Active on Candida Albicans according to EN 1650 and EN 13697 at 2%.
  • Active on Salmonella Thyphimurium according to EN 1276 to 1%.
  • Active on Listeria monocytogenes according to EN 1276 to 1%.
  • Active on Legionnella pneumophilia according to EN 1276 to 1%.
  • Active on Dekkera bruxellensis according to EN 1650 at 1%.
  • Virucid according to EN 14476-A2 (2019) on the vaccine virus, at 5%, 20oC in dirt condition, 5 minutes of contact time. This result validates activity on all wrapped viruses, including coronavirus.


  • Cleaning: dilute 0.5 to 2.0% in water. For soils, without rinsing, dilute between 0.50% and 1% depending on their condition.
  • Excellent spray paper peeler (10% dilution).
  • Pure, used as a stain remover before washing on the linen.
  • At 10%, it is used as a detacher of any surface.
  • More efficient in hot water.
  • Used in spraying, manually, by soaking, high-pressure cold water/steam phase cleaner, single brush.
  • Disinfection: dilute MAJOR SC 100 from 1.00% to 5.00%, depending on the desired effectiveness. To control the rinse, use our TEST QUAT strips.


  • Concentrated, neutral or fragrant fluid liquid. Freezing point: - 2oC
  • pure pH: 11 - Density: 1.00 - chlorine-free, ammonia-free


Major SC100 Safety Sheet

Major SC100 Safety Sheet

Download (59.42k)
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