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Faucets for drums / cans

You have at home or just order a drum or a can but this one is without tap? Multitanks has a range of taps for drums and cans and other adapters that will make it easier for you to handle.

The right faucet for the right can

A faucet allows more precise filling and provides greater safety when storing hazardous products. Remains to choose the most suitable faucet. A choice that will depend on your needs. Would you like to get a big flow? In this case, the male 2 "BSP outlet Ø50mm color OR is ideal. The ¾-inch white tap will be more suitable for medium-capacity cans (25 liters) for all uses, whether industrial, veterinary, agricultural, sanitary, agrochemical or pharmaceutical. For your smaller cans, from 5 to 25 liters, the Aeroflow faucet with Din61 female plug will be perfect. It offers a fast flow of liquid

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White 3/4 inch tap for cans

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White cock in polyethylene with 3/4 inch male thread 25 liter cans conveniently.
3,75 €


Female connector Din61 - s60x6 Aeroflow...

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Aeroflow valve with female plug Din61 - S60x6. Allows a rapid flow of the liquid in the cans from 5 to 25 liters
11,58 €