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By jerome V. (TREFFIEUX, France) on 29 May 2020 :


Product rated : Ball valve type A 2 inches with floating nut 75mm Produit conforme a la...

By Stefan P. (Mittenwald, Deutschland) on 29 May 2020 :


Product rated : Duracool 12A - 170gr can replaces R12 and R134a Snell Versand,. :)

By HELENE L. (Binic Etables sur mer, France) on 27 May 2020 :



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Compression Fittings

Our fittings are suitable for connecting high and low density polyethylene pipes (HDPE, PEBD, PE40, PE63, PE80, PE100) in accordance with EN 1220, ISO 3607 / I4236, DIN8072 / 8074.
Polypropylene compression fittings Multitanks are designed for a large number of applications: water, drinking water, food products, hydrocarbons, chemical solutions, compressed air and gas.
Compression Fittings

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