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By Antoine D. (Cosnes et Romain, France) on 05 Apr. 2020 :


Product rated : PVC female / male reduction Bonjour, livraison rapide...

By Eric H. (Cremin, Suisse) on 04 Apr. 2020 :


Product rated : Ball valve type A 2 inches with floating nut 70mm for Schutz tank Rapidement livrée. Ne pas...

By Eric H. (Cremin, Suisse) on 04 Apr. 2020 :


Product rated : Red handle for Multitanks Type A valve exclusively Relativement solide. Ne pas...


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Thanks to the valves, simplify the watering of the garden and the cleaning of the exteriors. Essential to effectively use a spear, a spray gun or a washing brush, the valves are an ideal solution for all gardeners.


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Clamping wrench 16-32mm

(5/5) on 1 rating(s)
Product sheet Clamping wrench 16-32mm from multitanks 5171632
5,79 €

Wrench 40-63mm

(5/5) on 3 rating(s)
Product sheet 40-63mm spanner from multitanks 5174063
10,42 €

Baby Boa Constrictor 100mm strap wrench

Baby Boa Constrictor strap wrench with max. Diameter of 100mm. Allows you to tighten and loosen almost anything,...
11,25 €

Vanne PVC à visser femelle

Vanne à boisseau sphérique. En PVC - PN-16
12,25 €

Wrench 75-110mm

(1/5) on 1 rating(s)
Product sheet 75-110mm spanner from multitanks 51775110
15,42 €

Double Union ball valve - irrigation...

(5/5) on 1 rating(s)
Double ball valve union - irrigation series - female connection to stick with NBR seal
15,47 €

PVC ball valve double union connection...

PVC ball valve double union - water serie - female connection to stick, with EPDM roric seal
15,75 €

Multi function nylon wrench for cans and...

Multifunctional nylon wrench for cans and drums ideal for tightening corks and corks
16,25 €

Aluminum wrench for bungs

(4/5) on 2 rating(s)
Aluminum wrench for bungs. Ideal for opening or tightening the bungs of your casks
16,58 €