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By André P. (POPIAN, France) on 23 Feb. 2020 :


Product rated : Female connector S75x6 - male S60x6 Convient parfaitement

By Christophe L. (BARBATRE, France) on 23 Feb. 2020 :


Product rated : 2-way zinc selector for IBC tank 1000 liters L'étanchéité n'est pas au...

By SERGE B. (ST MARTIN VESUBIE, France) on 23 Feb. 2020 :


Product rated : Duracool 12A - 170gr can replaces R12 and R134a bon produit et commerçant...


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Porous micro pipes

Using a microporous pipe allows the plants to be watered without wasting water. Flexible, the hose can irrigate the plants, in line or staggered, in the borders or in the kitchen garden. This low-flow irrigation makes it possible to water several plantations at the same time.

Porous micro pipes

There are 2 products.

Tuyau micro-poreux 15m + 5 gratuits

Le tuyau micro-poreux GARDENA est idéal pour l'arrosage des haies, des plantes en ligne et des zones de manière...
28,46 €


Free microporous hose 20m + 5

The GARDENA micro-porous pipe is ideal for watering hedges, plants in line and areas economically (up to 70% water...
30,57 €