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Accessories IBC 1000 liters

Do you need a fitting or valve for an IBC 1000 liter water tank? On Multitanks you will find a wide range of valves, fittings, lids and other caps for your IBC tank. Practical and economical, these tanks are ideal for recovering rainwater. Connecting it to a valve will allow you to transform your tank into a rainwater collector. You will only have to connect it to a pipe or a tap to be able to use this water. All these accessories are available on our online shop. Our range of fittings is also complete. Looking for a s60x6 fitting that will fit perfectly into your 1000 liter IBC tank? Multitanks offers you a range of high quality fittings. You will find connectors with female and male end fittings of different sizes as well as fittings s60x6 with plastic or brass faucet, with single or double outlet.

The threads of the tankswater tank 1000 liters

If the most widespread is the s60x6, there are other types of threads on the IBC 1000 liter water tank: the s100x8 thread and the no gas (or PSB) thread. They are distinguished by their diameter, their number of nets and their space between nets. Be sure to check the type of threads in your tank before you order the fitting. A question about our products ? A special request? Do not hesitate to contact the Multitanks team by phone at +33 4 77 76 00 29 or by mail via our contact form.

Accessories IBC 1000 liters

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Blue Seal 2 inches

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Datasheet Blue Seal 2 inches in multitanks 100090
0,33 €

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Out of stock

Bec drain

(4,8/5) on 6 rating(s)
Sheet drain spout product from multitanks 100104
3,33 €

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Out of stock

Female cap 2 inches

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Datasheet Female plug 2 inches in multitanks 100105
3,75 €

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Female cap END 2 "NPS no gas

(4,5/5) on 2 rating(s)
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Datasheet female plug END 2 "NPS no gas in multitanks 100151
4,08 €

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Wall crossing

(3/5) on 1 rating(s)
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Wall Cross
11,25 €