Shipping costs offered

New on Multitanks : Free delivery in Relais Colis or post office from 60 euros of purchases

Have you spotted a product on our website that you absolutely need? To satisfy your envy, multitanks now makes you realize 5.95 euros in savings on your orders. You've been waiting for it and it's a great novelty on Free shipping

Choose parcel relay delivery. And in a few days, a few steps from your home, in one of the many parcel relays or post offices, your fitting, valve, faucet, hose ... will be waiting for you. Fast and efficient delivery, but above all, free delivery from 60 euros of purchases. No more promo code!

With free delivery in Relais Colis, you'll have the benefits

Your small parcels benefit from a delivery that is now always free.
Close to your home, your place of work, your holiday: you determine, according to your personal requirements, the parcel relay in which you wish to be delivered.
With free delivery in parcel relays or post office, you save time and money.

Conditions for free delivery in Relais Colis from 60 euros of purchases

Processing and shipping costs are valid for as long as 60 euros of invoiced purchases, unique on items sold and shipped by multitanks except large or heavy items (cans, vats. etc.) Offer valid only for deliveries in Relais Colis or post offices in metropolitan France. No advantage code to enter.