Identifying yourself

How do I identify myself on

Several solutions to create an account

Ordering on is very easy and fast. It is always unpleasant to have to create accounts on each site where you want to order items. To avoid this, we offer on different ways to log in and leave your contact information in the ordering process.

  • Create an account (most traditional solution)

If you want to order one or more products from our website, you can create an account so that you can later find all the different information about your order. To create an account, click on the"identify yourself"link at the top of the page. This will open a page asking you to leave your email address:

enter your valid email address, and click the "create your account" button. This email will then become your ID on our website. A new page appears and then asks you to fill out the various information about you:

Fields with red asterisk are mandatory, so be sure to inform them. Once all the fields have been filled, click the 'register' button further down the page. A new page appears telling you that your account is being created:

Then click the link "add my first address" to be able to enter all your mail and telephone details, necessary for a good delivery.

Fill all fields with as much information as possible so that the delivery is then as easy as possible. Your account is now created and operational.

  • Order without creating an account

it is possible to order from without creating an account. To do this, choose the products you are interested in and add them to your shopping cart. Once the choice is complete, click on your cart to get a summary of your order. After checking the latter, click the "next" button to enter the ordering process. A page will appear and ask you to identify yourself by creating an account (seen above) or using an existing account, or by making an instant order.

If you opt for this solution, you just have to inform the different fields and validate. Advantage: the procedure is fast if it is the first order on our site. Cons: you won't have access to your order history, order tracking... because there will have been no created account.

  • Use your google, paypal, twitter or amazon account

The last very simple and very fast solution to create an account on multitanks, is to use the information you have left on your google, paypal, twitter or amazon accounts of your choice. Just click the corresponding buttons when creating an account, you will be redirected to the sites in question to validate your choice. Please be aware that just the personal information and postal address are recovered.