Laying large-capacity tanks

Transportation and Lifting

Transportation: enhanced with pre-assembled filtration systems. For reasons of clutter during transport, they are to be positioned on the devices when laying.

Lift: Lifting operations are carried out using slings arranged in accordance with the diagram above


Under green space, off water table and without the risk of rolling charge

The lid of the standard enhancement is located at the natural terrain (i.e. 800mm of embankment above the tank at most). Place the device with slings on a stabilized excavation background (e.g. sand).

- Place the device on a stable, horizontal excavation background (compacted sand bed)

- Fill up halfway up the virole with a mixture of sand / gravel 10-14 by treating the closed spaces to ensure a good seating of the tank.

- Proceed in successive layers (300 mm max)

- Stabilize the embankment by watering between each layer (no mechanical compaction)

- Put the tank in water simultaneously to balance the embankment level and indoor water level

- Replace the top of the tank with gravel 10-14

- Set up the filter enhancer and connect the pipes to the network

- Complete the fill to the natural terrain

Excluding standard conditions

- Fill height - 800 mm above the device

- Risk of exposure to rolling loads

- Presence of water table (with maximum level remaining absolutely 'lt; 50% of the height of the virole)

The manoeuvring and embankment conditions remain the same, but it is imperative to make a distribution slab above the unit. The role of this slab will be to protect the aircraft from excessive fill loads. In case of the presence of water table it will also ensure the weighting of the device.

Warning: the weight mass in case of water table should be greater than the thrust of archimedes