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By lionel R. (St gildas des bois, France) on 14 Apr. 2021 :


Product rated : Female PVC screw valve Satisfait, c est ce que je...

By Fabrice Z. (Saint Mamert du Gard, France) on 12 Apr. 2021 :


Product rated : Bache for 1000 L IBC / GRV Premium tank Parfait mes cuves ont...

By Marie-Claude B. (La Jarrie, France) on 12 Apr. 2021 :


Product rated : 600x400mm natural wood vegetable garden square Ne suis pas déçue par ce...

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Mamor Mauser 2-inch butterfly valve

(4,2/5) on 27 rating(s)
Product Sheet 2-inch 56mm Mamor Mauser from multitanks 10020056
20,42 €

In Stock

IBC S60x6 tank distribution pistol with...

(5/5) on 1 rating(s)
Product Sheet Distribution pistol for IBC S60x6 tank with 3ml pipe from multitanks 100157
55,83 €

In stock

Female cap S60x6 - female 3/4 inch brass

(4,6/5) on 15 rating(s)
Female S60x6 - 3/4 inch brass female, ideal for screwing a garden faucet on your IBC 1000 tank and watering easily
16,58 €

In stock

Too Full fluted right tip 38mm

Product Sheet Too Full fluted right tip 38mm from multitanks 100053
14,58 €

Stock sold out

Stock sold out

Female Connection 2" S60x6 - Straight...

(4,2/5) on 5 rating(s)
S60x6 connection with 25mm fluted male output connecting to the valve of your 1000-litre IBC tank. It is possible to...
18,25 €

In Stock

Eco-home tank 800 liters beige for...

(5/5) on 3 rating(s)
Ecopluie product sheet 800 litres from multitanks Ecopluie 800 litres
266,58 €


Eco-home tank 600 liters beige for...

(5/5) on 1 rating(s)
Rainwater recovery tank Ecopluie 600 liters beige
220,83 €

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