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Butterfly valve 2 inches 56mm Mauser Mamor

(4,4/5) on 21 rating(s)
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Datasheet butterfly valve 2 inches 56mm Mauser Mamor home multitanks 10020056
20,42 €

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Female connector 2 "S60x6 - male...

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S60x6 output male connector with 25mm fluted connecting the valve of your IBC tank of 1000 liters. Can connect a hose...
18,25 €

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Female cap 2 "S60x6 - threaded 3/4" gas not

(4,2/5) on 26 rating(s)
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Datasheet Female plug 2 "S60x6 - threaded 3/4" gas with no multitanks 100107
5,75 €

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Female connector S60x6 brass - chrome...

(5/5) on 1 rating(s)
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S60x6 female connector brass + Chrome 1 "brass valve (outlet 26x34) connecting to the valve of your 1000 liter IBC...
19,58 €