How to bury a tank?

1. Stabilize the bottom of the excavation and ensure that it is horizontal.

If the appliance is to be anchored (see "installation"). make a concrete raft at the bottom of the excavation and include concrete irons. The mass of concrete will be calculated to compensate for the buoyancy of the Archimedes when the apparatus is empty.

2.In the absence of concrete rafting, make a 0-4 sand bed of 100mm thickness on the bottom of stabilized excavation

3. Install the device after removing any protections

4. Anchor the appliance, use the fixing brackets provided for this purpose in the lower part of the tank

5. Fill the excavation with 0-4 sand. Proceed in layers up to 200mm thick

- Stabilize by watering between each layer. (Hydraulic compaction only)

- Treat closed spaces

- Fill the tank simultaneously so as to balance the water (interior) and sand (extérieur)

- Proceed to level "G" (lifting rings)

6.Connect input and output

7. Backfill around the filter module preferably with gravel 10-14 (or sand) until reaching the level of the cover

8.If necessary (see § «Implementation»), make the load distribution plate.

- Put in place any additional extensions and adjust them to the level of the finished ground.

- Backfill to steep natural terrain,




Depth Maxi

lifting rings

Max Level

Water table

2000 liters640 mm700 mm
3000 liters640 mm700 mm
4000 liters640 mm900 mm
5000 liters950 mm700 mm
7000 liters640 mm1100 mm
8000 liters640 mm1100 mm

beyond :

distribution panel

Beyond :

Do not install the tank