Water Management

Water management, a fully automated system

A complete system that collects, stores, distributes

(no noise, no problems related to suction)

Gestion de l'eau dans une maison

Collect and Filter

1 -Roof water recovery and feeding of the storage tank

2 - Filtration and by-pass, the water arrives on a self-cleaning filter with inclined plane. Leaves and other materials are removed from the overflow and do not penetrate into the tank.


3 - Filling the tank with a p-tubelanyard to avoid eddy

4 - Too full water outlet when the tank is fully full. The water is recovered at the surface, which allows to evacuate the floats


5 - Suction hose with float, which allows to follow the level of the water and to pump in the lightest slice of water. The hose is equipped with a strainer and an anti-return valve

6 - Fully automatic submersible pump and level probe

7-DMG + centering, if there is no water in the tank (information is given by the probe) the solenoid valve is opened and the tank is supplied with tap water for a set time (a few minutes)


The pump is immersed in the tank, the discharge pipe is connected to the equipment receiving rainwater. The suction hose follows the water level, allowingto aspirate perfectly clear water. When a valve is opened, the pump starts automatically and stops automatically when the pump is closed (the pump is in the water, it emits no noise). During periods of drought the tank is fed by the mains water network. A minimum level is maintained pending the next rainwater filling (this device ensures a complete disconnection between the city water network and the rainwater)