IBC valve threads

Threading S60x6 (2")

D1: 60 mm (2.36")
P1: 6 mm (0.24")
Nets: 3 to 4
Observation: commonly referred to as "no artillery", S60X6 threading is the most common on IBC tanks sold in France and Europe

filetage s60x6

Thread 2" NPS

D1: 59.6mm (2.35")
P1: 2.21mm (0.09")
Observation: Threading "American National Standard Straight Pipe"

filetage nps

2" Camlock male thread with BSP thread 2"

D1:63mm (2.48") (59.4mm (2.34") thread)
P1:2.3mm (0.09" 11 TPI)
Standard: Camlock- A-A-59326: 1992 Thread - BS 2779: 1986
Observation: Camlock male adapter with a net not external gas 2"

filetage camlock

Thread 2" BSP

D1: 59.4 mm (2.34")
P1: 2.3 mm (0.09")
Nets: 5 to 6
Observation: Commonly called No Gas or BSP. The name BSP means British Standard Pipe Thread.

filetage BSP

Threading S100x8 (3")

D1: 97 to 100mm (3.82" - 3.94")
P1: 8 mm (0.32")
Nets: 2 to 3
Threading used in particular with the tank manufacturers IBC Schetz, sotralentz and Greif.

filetage s100x8

Camlock 3'' thread with BSP thread (3")

D1: 91.5mm
P1: 2.3mm
Nets: 2 to 3

Standard: Camlock A-A-59326

Male thread M80X3

D1: 80mm
P1: 3mm

Standard: ISO68 (ANSI B1 . 13M)
Observation: threading found mainly on Chinese valves

Thread S92x4

D1: 88-92mm
P1: 4mm
Observation: Threading the old WERIT valves