Installation of large capacity tanks

Transport and Lifting

Transport: risers incorporating pre-assembled filtration systems. For reasons of space requirement during transport, they must be positioned on the devices during installation.

Lifting: The lifting operations are carried out using slings arranged according to the diagram above


Under green space, outside the water table and withoutrisk of rolling load

The cover of the standard extension is located at the level of the natural ground (ie 800mm of fill above the tank maximum). Lay the appliance using slings on a stabilized excavation bottom (eg sand).

- Place the appliance on a stable horizontal ground (compacted sand bed)

- Backfill up to half the height of the ferrule with a sand / gravel mixture 10-14 taking care of the closed spaces to ensure a good seating of the tank.

- Proceed with successive layers (300 mm max.)

- Stabilize the backfill by watering between each layer (no mechanical compaction machine)

- Water simultaneously the tank so as to balance level of fill and level of internal water

- Backfill the upper part of the tank with gravel 10-14

- Install the filter insert and connect the pipes to the mains

- Complete backfilling to natural terrain

Attention: the mass of ballast in case of water table must be greater than the thrust of archimedes