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Why submit an opinion?/ H2>

Multitanks offers the possibility to its customers to share their shopping experience on the multitanks.com website. Whether you are happy or dissatisfied with your purchase, the quality of the product purchased, the quality of our services, delivery times, just write your opinion on our site and share your experience with our other customers and visitors. ALL reviews are published to be as transparent as possible!

For inciter our customers to leave a review, we offer a 5% discount coupon after each notice filed, which is sent automatically by email.

How to file a notice?/ H2>

In order to be able to write a review on multitanks.com, you will first have to connect to the site by clicking on the link at the top of the page " identify yourselfAfter doing this, you will come to this page:

Then click on the link "My opinionsA page will then display the different products you have purchased and on which you can leave comments.

In the middle of the page vto display a small inset to be able to note the produt of 1 to 5 stars. Roll your mouse over the stars to select the desired number of stars and click on it. To leave a text, click on the link "note the product" just below. A new window will be highlighted:

In the title field, give a title to your opinion, and then you can describe your buying experience in the comments field just below. To validate this one, you will have just to click on the button Send. The notice sent will be moderated and will be published within 24 hours.