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Bamboo microfiber cloths

Bamboo microfiber cloths

Categories : Advice

When we talk about rags, we often imagine relegated pieces of textiles. Designed with all kinds of materials, we sometimes forget to make sure if they are really adequate for cleaning. Whether by the traces they leave behind or their low durability, ordinary rags very rarely do the trick. But what about the bamboo microfiber cloths we often hear about ?

Why choose bamboo microfibers?

Bamboo is a rapidly cultivable plant that does not cause any deforestation and whose cultivation helps to limit the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. Bamboo microfiber cloths are therefore a durable and environmentally friendly option for the daily cleaning of your surfaces.

The properties of these microfibers are not only ecological but also prove to be highly effective. The bamboo microfiber cloth has an unparalleled absorption capacity thanks to the very small size of its fibers when compared to other materials. These microfibers have the power to capture dirt in a unique way: it only takes a few passages on the surface. In addition, bamboo fibers are provided with anti-bacterial properties due to one of the agents that compose them: Bamboo Kun.

The bamboo microfiber cloth... for which surfaces ?

Bamboo microfiber cloth can be used for any surface and in any situation. Whether for the kitchen, bathroom or even your car, you can degrease, wash, dry and polish according to your needs. For your kitchen, for example, you will only need little water and very little detergent on your cloth to quickly and effectively degrease your induction hob.

Then, while keeping your cloth dry flat, you will only need three or four strokes to dry everything thanks to the super absorbent qualities of bamboo microfibers. Also, for your car, cleaning will be just as easy and efficient. You will need a washcloth made of wet bamboo microfibers and another dry one with thinner microfibers.

All you have to do is pass the damp cloth to remove the limescale deposits and then dry with the other (only a few strokes) for a traceless and shiny finish.

What are the advantages of bamboo microfiber cloth?

Cleaning becomes a real pleasure : it is now fast, efficient and even makes your surfaces shine. The bamboo microfiber cloth leaves no trace at the time of drying and does not scratch.

Its use allows a real shine for your lacquered kitchen cupboards and your mirrors for example. The grease is very easily captured in the multitude of porosities and drying leaves no white streak. However, the biggest advantage is undoubtedly the possibility of using the cloth without water or detergents.

For sensitive skin, this is a great asset, also because bamboo microfibers contain much fewer allergens than other textiles. Various surfaces can be cleaned with a simple cloth such as stainless steel, kitchen tiles and wood.

Dust and traces are removed at once. As for the resistance, your bamboo microfiber cloth, at 6 euros per unit, can last for months (quantitative discounts are obviously available). But still, its poor need for water and detergents allows all the more a greater durability. By analogy, your purchases of household products, the cleaning time and the effort provided will be greatly reduced.

How to maintain your bamboo microfiber cloth?

The bamboo microfiber cloth is resistant and lasts up to 100 washes. It will only take a machine at 60 ° C without the addition of softener (which reduces its absorbent power) to refurbish it.

In addition, the cloth does not stain. Even the most stubborn stains like coffee disappear with water only, which makes it possible to space washes considerably and keep a cloth in good condition for as long as possible. In addition, it will be better to separate your microfiber cloth from other forms of textiles you have at home: microfibers tend to tear off other fibers when mixed.

To conclude

The bamboo microfiber cloth is an essential tool. Ecological and effective, it will allow you to take care of a multitude of surfaces while keeping the shine of the first day. Its super absorbent properties will allow you a quick and effortless cleaning and its resistant microfibers, unparalleled durability. Acquiring a bamboo microfiber cloth means ensuring in-depth maintenance but also committing to the planet.



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