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Electronic traps: keep rodents away from your vegetable garden

Published : 07/12/2021 10:19:26
Categories : Advice

Electronic traps: keep rodents away from your vegetable garden

Electronic traps: keep rodents away from your vegetable garden

Whether it is moles, ants or rodents, seeing your crop destroyed or consumed by others is always frustrating. And all the more so when it is possible to preserve the fruit of one's labor by equipping one's own equipment. We explain how to get rid of these little beasts that you have not invited in your vegetable garden... But who sneak in anyway!

Biodiversity: how to make it an ally

Before talking about material, let's first address biodiversity... In some areas, it can help regulate the rodent population. Observing, for example, a significant amount of raptors (buzzards, falcons, etc.) can give you the assurance that the rodent population will decrease.

Ditto for snakes, and especially snakes,very fond of mice, shrews and other small balls of four-legged hair. Cats, finally, are also formidable hunters when you do not give them pâtée and treats of all kinds ... Do not hesitate to count on them!

Of course, relying on biodiversity is by no means a 100% reliablemethod ... But we still advise you to favor it in the garden: it will always be won in the fight against these small unwanted visitors.

Which electronic traps to choose?

Certainly, a preserved and favored biodiversity can be an ally in the fight against rodents... But it will unfortunately not prevent them from coming to revel from time to time in the fruits and vegetables that you have planted.

Faced with this phenomenon, somewhat more drastic methods exist. Admittedly, it is electronic equipment, so it may seem a little expensive ... But it often proves to be more effective. Here are a few examples:

A suitable trap for rats and mice

On Multitanks, you will find several models of electronic traps, among which the Protect Expert for rats and mice, equipped with sensors that detect the presence of a rodent when it is inside the trap. Its advantage? A tunnel structure that prevents any possibility for the intruder to get out, and ensures that it is kept locked up with no possible way out. It is actually the sending of an electric shock that kills him.

Finally, the trap does the job for you since you have no action to perform other than install it, and promises a quick death – preferable to the long agony caused by some other types of traps.

The little +? Its very large autonomy, which gives the possibility of eliminating up to 50 rodents per set of batteries.

A special mouse trap

In the event that you have identified rodents and they are only small models, it may be advisable to use a mousetrap, like the electronic model Protect Expert also referenced by Multitanks.

This model works like the other, but since it is smaller, it only allows to get rid of the smallest rodents – whose size does not exceed that of a mouse. On the price side, it takes 43 € against 54,20 € for the trap for rats and mice. When it comes to autonomy, it eliminates up to 100 mice with a single set of batteries – that means more rodents eliminated for a smaller amount invested.

It is precisely because it can save you money that it is useful to identify the animals that come to feed in your vegetable garden. For this, do not hesitate to observe the damage that has been done: where the vole attacks mainly the roots,the field mouse prefers seeds, the rat revels in fruits, and the shrew prefers insects and earthworms.

An "old school" trap

To finish at the trap radius, there are obviously "classic" rat or mouse slapstlers, such as those seen in American cartoons such as Tom & Jerry. We think in particular of the special wooden model rats, marketed by the specialist in anti-pest solutions Caussade, which has the advantage of being economical.

A special mouse model also exists, which makes it possible to get rid of these small rodents without using any electronic discharge, nor – you will see that this is possible – anticoagulant product... The only problem: their death is not immediate.

A raticide for resistant species

In addition to your electronic trap or your rat or mouse strap, you can also choose a raticide,such as the Pat'Appât special resistant species imagined by Caussade and sold on Multitanks.

Designed, as its name suggests,to overcome particularly resistant rodent populations, it is in fact a formidablely effective anti-coagulant to eliminate rats and mice on which conventional treatments no longer have an effect.

Warning: if we note the fact thata single ingestion is enough and that the price is lower than for an electronic trap – 13,60 € for a box of 150 g –, this type of raticide nevertheless has the disadvantage, again, of making the animal suffer... It's up to you to see if you support the idea or not.

Discover our selection of products to fight rodents on our website!

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