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Hydroalcoholic gel: which one to choose for your business?

Published : 02/19/2021 15:09:57
Categories : Advice

Hydroalcoholic gel: which one to choose for your business?

Hydroalcoholic gel: which one to choose for your business?

As a result of the crisis, the hydro-alcoholic gel dispenser has become an object of our daily lives, and disinfecting hands is a well-established habit. Focus on the gels to be preferred to be sure to protect your employees when you are a business manager.

Composition: which ingredients should be preferred?

In "hydroalcoholic" there is "alcohol" and it is not for nothing... Because to be effective and deserve its name,the gel you provide to your employees and/or your customers must contain a sufficient quantity.

To give you an idea, it is estimated that the concentration of alcohol is not high enough below 60%,and it is rare that formulas contain more than 80%. For example, bear in mind that the vials must contain 70% alcohol in order to eliminate germs and bacteria.

If you are really picky about the composition of this hand hygiene product,you can stick to the WHO formulation,which is limited to 4 ingredients:

  • Alcohol
  • distilled water or cooled boiled water;
  • hydrogen peroxide
  • and glycerol.

A short list, which minimizes the risk of allergic reaction since it is fragrance-free or dye-free... And ultimately does not contain any substance that is not absolutely essential to the formula.

How can we ensure that hydroalcoholic gel is regulated?

There is a European standard (EN14476) that ensures that a hydroalcoholic gel really allows good hand disinfection and above all to eliminate viruses from the coronavirus family. But to make sure the product is legal, you can also make sure that the following are on the bottle:

  • The name of the solution
  • its composition, of course;
  • The date of manufacture
  • The lot number;
  • Preservation conditions
  • Conditions of use
  • precautionary measures.

Once purchased, you will also find that the product is compliant by using it: if it sticks and takes time to evaporate, it is not the best gel you can find!

Above all, avoid "home-made" gels

Since the beginning of the crisis, the web has provided its share of recipes for "homemade" hydroalcoholic gel, based on vodka, vegetable glycerin, aloe vera gel, essential oils... And other ingredients that do not guarantee optimal elimination of coronavirus.

If we understand where the desire to find a more "clean" composition to products intended to be used every day was born, it is better to avoid spreading the epidemic, and to use gels recognized as really effective.

Use hydroalcoholic gel well, how to use it

For hydroalcoholic gel to be effective, it is imperative to use it on dry hands, which - it is paradoxical but it is like this - seems to be unique to the naked eye.

In quantity, a small hazelnut in the palm of the hand is enough.

Once this hazelnut is deposited, go to the handwashing: rub your hands, keeping them at a distance from your nose so as not to breathe too closely for about 20 seconds.

The product must evaporate: if it sticks, it is because its quality is not optimal.

Hydroalcoholic gels, the "blacklist"

Warning: some hydroalcoholic gels have already been recalled!

According to UFC Que Choose, they include:

  • On Dermobrand hydroalcohico hygienic gel, recalled due to too low alcohol content;
  • the El Temizleme hydroalcoholic gel from the Jeli Clean And Purebrand, recalled for the same reasons;
  • Ficomed Hijyenikbrand hydroalcoholic gel, considered dangerous because it is ineffective in the elimination of viruses;
  • Symex handwashing gel Hand Sanitizer, in all colours and fragrances, all batches being affected;
  • and the hydroalcoholic solution of the Vector Energybrand, which is also too low in ethanol to guarantee a true antiviral effect.

Note that for most of them, you can take them back to the store and get a refund if you've already purchased them.

Where to buy an effective hydroalcoholic gel?

To ensure that a gel is regulated and ensures effective action on viruses and bacteria,the best solution is to go to a pharmacist, who is in the best position to advise the appropriate product.

However, when you are a business manager, sometimes the containers found in pharmacies are not enough to provide all your employees... Obviously, we use so much that it can go fast!

That's why on multitanks, we offer the very effective hydroalcoholic gel for professional brand Sanihands,packaged in 1L bottle (litre).

Other specialized products for enterprise use are also referenced, including a selection of automatic gel dispensers.

We offer two models:

  • A contactless hydroalcoholic gel vending machine with an infra-red sensor to attach to the wall;
  • A non-contact hydroalcoholic gel vending machine with foot support,for easy installation.

It's up to you to see the solution that works best for your business!

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