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Product rated : Can Duracool 12A - 170gr , replaces the R12 and R134a Très bon produit et ça...

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Product rated : Can Duracool 12A - 170gr , replaces the R12 and R134a Très bien je recommande
Multicool, a new brand of refrigerant gas cans

Multicool, a new brand of refrigerant gas cans

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Multicool, a new brand of refrigerant gas cans

You do not know what to do to have a refrigeration system or a refrigeration circuit?

Don't look too far! We're here to help you make the right choice. And the latter is none other than Multicool, the new brand of refrigerant gas can that will make your life more enjoyable.

What exactly is Multicool?

Considered to be an essential air conditioning accessory, the Multicool 12a can for example is mainly used to adjust the air conditioning systems of vehicles. It stands out for its superior cooling quality and ecological aspect. It is actually a complete range of refrigerant gases (R32, R404, R22a ...), which do not cause a greenhouse effect and do not harm the ozone layer, and which can be used in various fields of application such as industrial buildings with their different aspects, domestic and commercial refrigerators but also shops and supermarkets. Therefore, these eco-friendly refrigerants will not harm your vehicle or nature. They were created to be both efficient and environmentally friendly.


Simple to set up, thanks to its self-piercing faucet that you can also find on our site multitanks, and extremely profitable, Multicool refrigerating cans can accompany you everywhere, for different air conditioning needs. With a range that has been studied to support any type of company, the Multicool can revolutionizes the French air conditioning market.

Technical characteristics of multicool

Also known as a natural element, Multicool is a high-purity hydrocarbon refrigerant that is characterized by compatibility with any lubricating refrigerant. It thus brings several advantages to its users namely: considerable time saving, no waste, high performance and superior heat rejection.


This substitute fluid brings a large number of considerable effects on air conditioning systems. Examples include:

  • Reduction of the load on the compressor.
  • Choice between reverse or single-use valve.
  • Faster descent temperature to the vent.
  • Ability to lower the temperature of the vent at any time


This plumbing heating solution is offered in can formats of 285 and 750 ml.

What are the advantages offered by Multicool?

Multicohol is a mixture of dimethyl methane and trimethyl methane. It offers several advantages with refrigeration systems. We can cite a few examples :

  • Reduced compressor heat and engine drain at idle and running
  • No upgrades to existing equipment
  • No need to make a change in repair procedures during installation.

To go further

This cooling system has a molecular structure that guarantees a profitability of up to 40%!


It is also advisable to keep the Multicool away from heat, hot surfaces but also flames to avoid any burst. It is also not recommended to smoke a cigarette while being close to this air conditioning accessory, or even to expose this container to a temperature above 50 °. Our experts therefore advise you to store this refrigerant gas in a well-ventilated place or in the open air.


Extremely flammable, this refrigerant must not be near a fire source in order to avoid any possible serious incident. It is also necessary to mention that its auto-ignition temperature between 460 and 470 ° C.


Multicool is a quality product, given that it does not contribute in any way to global warming, global warming potential (GWP) of 3 and an ozone depletion potential (ODP) of zero. In addition, it guarantees excellent profitability on your air conditioning system. Not to mention also that it is also very economical. What could be better than finding and having a solution that is both ecological and economical ?


Another positive point brought by this refrigerated can is that no approval is necessary for the acquisition of the Multicool. Ditto if you want to install this refrigerant in an empty circuit of CFC, HFC or HCFC.

To summarize

To sum up, the Multicool refrigerant gas can is a perfect solution for use on small refrigeration systems as well as commercial air conditioning.


This tool for air conditioner and heating has been established by accredited technical experts in the field. During their manufacture, they complied with the applicable safety standards and regulations.


For more additional information or advice, our advisors will be happy to discuss with you the choice to make. To do this, simply contact multitanks 's customer service available at any time.


You can also send your questions by email. Our subject matter experts or customer advisors will answer you as soon as possible.


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