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Oxinel 2 - A high performance bean

Published : 01/31/2021 05:51:25
Categories : Introducing products

Oxinel 2 - A high performance bean

Oxinel 2 Legacy Excellence

Since its launch in 1996, Oxinel has ruled the vegetable gardens. Crowned king of beans by gourmet gardeners, it has only assets and has played a big role in the reputation of quality beans VILMORIN. Yet in 2021, the new Oxinel 2 variety does even better than its model...

A high-performance bean

To make the other greens jealous...

The whole portrait of his elder is better... Oxinel 2 is distinguished by long, light green pods, well fleshy and perfectly straight. Really wireless, it can be harvested early in the net stage when the pods are young or later in the eating stage: no worries for crops staggered over time. Oxinel 2 retains the unique qualities of the market reference:

  • Good resistance to disease
  • Exceptional performance
  • Delicate taste and lack of thread even at maturity
  • Trained port making harvesting easier
  • Adaptation to all types of soils


Oxinel 2 even resists bean fat

Oxinel 2 further improves its performance in terms of resistance to diseases and in particular to bean fat, so dreaded by gardeners. Treatments are thus reduced for more responsible gardening and even more generous harvests.

Halo grease, a difficult enemy to dislodge

This bacterium (Pseudomonas savastanoi) is revealed after germination, often during wet weather or abundant watering, conducive to its development. It quickly invades crops and its discoloured spots make beans unfit for consumption. It's a disaster. Once installed, the plants must be removed, not composted, and the crop plot changed the following year because the bacteria can persist in the soil, and clean gardening tools well to avoid contamination. In short, all arguments that argue in favor of a variety resistant to this bacterium!

OXINEL 2 in the kitchen

Delicious fresh steam, it retains all its canned or frozen flavour

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