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Tank 1000 liters: discover its accessories

Tank 1000 liters: discover its accessories

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Tank 1000 l: discover its accessories

If you have just had a water recovery tank, maybe you lack equipment... Do not panic: Multitanks offers you a selection of products that will allow you to optimize the maximum use of your 1000 l tank, and will help you recover water / use your tank in the best conditions!

Our selection of seals to connect your tank 1000 l

To guarantee the perfect sealing of your 1000 l tank, you will need seals. That's why we reference a multitude of different models,shapes, colors and sizes, among which you will necessarily find the piece you need. Whether you covet 3/4 inches, 2 inches,a flatseal, a valveseal ... We have what you need and even offer seals with a camlock installation system to connect to a system of the same name.

Maintain your tank 1000 l, instructions for use

When maintaining your tank, do not forget about emptying. A dirty tank, in addition to not being optimal for the quality of your water – if that's what your 1000 l tank is for – could also bother you in terms of storage: this unfortunately risks causing long-termleaks. For easy emptying, we offer a drain spout that you will only have to place directly on the valve of your 1000 l tank, simple and effective.

Zoom on our references of caps for tank 1000 l

In terms of caps, we offer a whole range that we certify effective in terms of sealing. In addition to this, they are easy to install and very expensive, like the female 2-inch not gas made of fiberglass-loaded polypropylene, which also has the advantage of being endowed with high rigidity and good hardness.

Other models exist, which are ideal for connecting a garden faucet, such as the female 3/4 inch brass. In addition, we also sell plugs that make it possible to make several connections,such as the 2-way brass selector, which works very well when connected with quick couplings and perfectly resists the passage of time... A greater longevity, to use your tank serenely all the longer!

How to find the right lid for your 1000 l tank?

In the event that you do not yet have a lid available, or that you want to change it, we also have a wide choice, which can only bring you satisfaction. The base model of 22 cm usually corresponds to all types of use,especially since it has a 2-inch central aperture.

For the faucet of your tank, we rely on a solid and efficientmaterial, so that you do not have to change it every year. Indeed, in the long term, using a poor quality faucet can be more expensive than we imagine... The S60x6 polypropylene fitting with a 19 mm chrome tap proof that there is no need to pay too much to be well equipped: high resistance, it is designed to facilitate watering and maintenance of the garden, and perfectly fulfill its mission.

Find a tarpaulin to dress and protect

Finally, installing a tarpaulin designed to protect your tank from the weather can be wise, and we offer different models. If you do not like green, you can choose it in black, and if it is not the color that matters to you but durability, you can also choose it in its premium version with a larger grammage that guarantees a better longevity. In short, it is up to you to see according to your needs and desires!

Dress your 120 l barrels, instructions for use

If you store kegs in your garden alongside your covered tank, it may be slightly unpleasant to the eye. We therefore offer you a dressing of these, in order to make your environment more pleasant, at least from an aesthetic point of view.

The decorative cover for barrel of about 120 liters gives the illusion of a wooden barrel,which allows the barrel to blend perfectly into the garden, in the middle of the different plants that compose it, and does not hinder the use of the barrel ... The right solution to make this material a little less unsightly!

You will have understood that in terms of vats, drums, and accessories that complement them, we have all the necessary references to best meet your different needs. We also offer a wide selection of too full, tee fitting, valves... In short, one thing is certain: we have what you need, you just have to browse our site to find what you are looking for!

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