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What to sow in June in the vegetable garden?

Published : 05/27/2021 15:18:53
Categories : Advice

What to sow in June in the vegetable garden?

What to sow in June in the vegetable garden?

As summer approaches, you will soon want to see the plants flourish in the vegetable garden. Here are some plant suggestions to sow for the month of June.

1) Green beans

They are one of the common vegetables that are planted in this period: green beans. Be careful, however, do not sow them before the end of May, especially because they need mild temperatures to be able to grow. If you hope to see them germinate, wait until the earth is atleast 12oC,and do not hesitate to prepare it well by digging generously.

2) Cucumbers and squash

June almost automatically marks the end of any risk of late frosts, which is why it is also the time when we start planting vegetables fearing frost. So don't hesitate to start planting squash and cucumbers, which for the first ones will be delicious in soup in the fall, and for the latter will perfectly accommodate your summer salads.

Note that both will need sunshine: think about keeping them a place of choicein the vegetable garden, where sunshine will be favoured. When sowing, think about spacing the plants well - at least 1 metre between the squashes, and about 90 cm between the cucumbers - to allow them to grow at ease.

3) Pickles

To sow your pickles,don't delay either: after June, it will be too late. Bear in mind that you have to put 4 to 5 seeds per small hole, spacing the holes well, and that you can plant cabbages nearby... Pickle and cabbage make the pair! Once harvested, you can store them in vinegar so that they remain green and crisp.

4) Cauliflowers

Another seedling idea to be made in June: that of cauliflower! Traditional varieties have the advantage of keeping themselves very well after harvest as soon as they are left with a few leaves...

Warning: plan to sow them in a sunny corner of the vegetable garden, because the cauliflower needs sun to start its vegetation... Which will be slow but steady.

5) Zucchini

If you've fallen a little late and haven't opted to sow your zucchini indoors, it's not too late to sow them outdoors. But don't hang around: it's high time to do it if you want to be able to prepare good stuffed vegetables at the end of summer!

6) Radishes

Among the vegetables that are not very capricious, radish is king. Indeed, whether it is sown early or late, it will always find a way to grow! In addition, it usually does not require much maintenance and develops quite quickly... In addition to being delicious with a bread-butter-flower of salt!

Have in mind, since the zucchini was mentioned just above, that radishes and zucchini usually go hand in hand... They will appreciate the proximity to the vegetable garden, do not hesitate to sow them next to each other!

7) Beets

As you prepare to enter the ideal period to prepare mixed salads, it's time to sow beetrootseeds. Sow them in soil at a depth of 2 cm, in line, spaced about 25 cm apart each. Also consider removing the smallest from your plants to allow the best-developed ones to gain even more in force.

Also, bear in mind that beetroot appreciates the company ofonion. Both of which will be sown side by side,those that will allow them to boost each other during their growth... Ah, the miracle of nature!

8) Salads

You were told about seasonal salads earlier in this article, and it would be a shame to miss out on the deliciouscrunchy lettucesyou could use to make them... Mmmh, we're already thinking about the next culinary creation!

And if you're tired of eating your raw salads or just want to vary the pleasures, know that you can also eat the braised salad,or even smothered ... Less well-known but delicious recipes.

9) Aromatics

Finally, don't forget the condiments to give taste to all the vegetables you have sown and harvested. Indeed, the month of June also marks the period during which you will be able to tackle the seeding of certain aromatic herbs, which it would be a shame not to have at hand when you are in the kitchen. Thus, basil, parsley or coriander will be seedlings not to be forgotten during the month of June... Notice to foodies!

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