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The garden shower: a must this summer!

Published : 06/22/2020 16:20:56
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The garden shower: a must this summer!

The garden shower: a must this summer!

This is the installation that can save your summer in the event of a heat wave: find out everything you need to know about the garden shower, and the instructions for choosing and installing your own.

Why buy a garden shower?

If you have a swimming pool, the answer to this question is rather obvious ... Because it is more hygienic! You probably know this if you clean the filter regularly: if the perfume, shower gel, makeup or even sunscreen residues seem harmless at first glance, they actually constitute harmful impurities for your pool and for its filtration system.

Indeed, these impurities will multiply the risks of proliferation of bacteria in the water - and that says bacteria, or appearance of algae… So possibly, impossibility of using the basin for a few days -, but also aggregate and damage the filter in the worst case. To avoid reaching this point, it is recommended to bathe only after rinsing, which is why it is worthwhile to equip your bathing area with an outdoor shower.

In the event that you do not have a swimming pool, a garden shower can still be useful to you, in particular to refresh yourself in the heat. Be careful, during a heat wave, you may even be jealous!

Garden shower: which model to choose?

If there are different types of installation, the trend is towards ecological systems. Because in addition to dirtying the pool water, not going underwater before swimming presents a risk: that of undergoing a thermal shock following a too sudden temperature change. We are therefore increasingly favoring solar showers which, thanks to the energy of the sun, guarantee temperate water.

If you opt for a solar model, you will also have to choose between different tank sizes - there are models with a capacity of 10 liters as well as models with a capacity of 70, knowing that the latter determines the volume of hot water available - but also different materials: if there is PVC, note that aluminum is more resistant and will last longer. Also note that you can equip your solar shower with a mixer which will allow you to choose the exact temperature you want.

Other models make it possible to benefit from water at the right temperature: one thinks in particular of showers connected to domestic hot water, that is to say the hot water tank of the house. If this solution seems interesting from the point of view of the water temperature, it is unfortunately very expensive and requires a lot of work. Pay attention to the water bill: the hotter the water, the more likely you are to let it run!

Are you planning to move your garden shower? There are removable, removable and transportable models, suitable for mobile use and which also have a water tank. Perfect to take with you when traveling in a motorhome and you don't necessarily have access to toilets, for example.

How to connect a garden shower?

If most garden showers connect to the garden hose, you can also connect them directly to the drinking water system. However, you cannot supply your outdoor shower with rainwater, connection to rainwater collectors is prohibited.

Please note: when connecting the water supply to your garden shower, you will need to make sure that the shower is slightly sloping with respect to the outdoor tap, but also provide for a drainage system at the level of the supply and the start of the circuit. The latter must be buried, between 30 and 80 cm from the ground surface, and it is necessary to shut off the water during the winter so as to avoid the bad effects of frost.

If you plan to use shower gel or other hygiene products, you will need to provide a connection to the drainage system. If this is not the case, remember to anticipate the drainage system: water must not stagnate under the installation.

Where to install the garden shower?

This seems logical but it is better to specify it: if you opt for a solar model, you will have to think about installing it ... In the sun! If you place the sensors in the shade, you may never have hot water.

It is also better to place your garden shower as close as possible to the outdoor tap, on a stable and flat surface.

How much does a garden shower cost?

Depending on the model, prices for garden showers vary widely. Thus, there are models available for less than € 100, while more elaborate systems intended to last over time can cost up to € 2,000.

It all depends in fact on the use you are going to make of your garden shower: if you are sure that you will only use it in the event of a heat wave to cool you down, perhaps it is not useful to invest in a very complicated system.

At Multitanks.com, we offer inexpensive garden showers from 33 to 59 euros, suitable for smaller budgets. Visit our site to discover all our models.

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