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What cover for a tank of 1000 liters?

What cover for a tank of 1000 liters?

Categories : Advice

What cover for a tank of 1000 liters?

If it is very interesting to have a tank of 1000 liters to be able to recover rainwater at home, it is even more so with a dressing specially designed for this purpose. During this article, we will see which skin to choose according to your needs. But to begin with, let's already see why a dressing is important for a tank of 1000 liters.

Why dress your tank?

Why add a cover to its 1000-liter tank when it was sold as it was? This question is all the more relevant because 1000-liter tanks are usually made of plastic and plastic is particularly weatherproof.

Indeed, since plastic is not biodegradable, even if it is constantly exposed to the weather, it will take a long time to deteriorate. On the other hand, a plastic tank of 1000 liters is not ideal from an aesthetic point of view. It will hardly find a place in a beautiful garden or terrace.

The choice to use a dressing for a tank of 1000 liters is therefore first of all for aesthetic reasons.

But it is also important to know that if the outside of a plastic tank is constantly exposed to moisture, it can promote the development of algae. If this is the case and your tank is visibly exposed, you may reduce the beauty of your terrace or garden. And that's one more reason to dress it up.

Finally, to protect it against rays that can deteriorate the quality of the water contained, it is also interesting to protect it against heat stroke. The use of a cladding is therefore necessary for a tank of 1000 liters of plastic.

Which dressing to choose for a tank of 1000 liters?

As soon as plastic tanks appeared on the market, manufacturers immediately understood that this large container, as useful as it is, will not easily find its place at a glance outside the house. Thus, many types of dressing have emerged:

Wooden cladding

After the metal frames appeared the wooden claddings. Much more aesthetic and less sensitive to bad weather, this type of dressing has quickly established itself as the ideal alternative.

After a specific treatment, the wood benefits from excellent resistance to moisture and sun. It can thus remain for years in an outdoor space without a cover, without deteriorating.

Wood fits very easily into outdoor spaces. This type of 1000 liter plastic cladding will easily find its place on your terrace or in the middle of the garden among the plants.

Also be aware that by opting for a wooden cladding that completely covers the tank, you will limit the exposure of the tank as well as its contents to the sun. The water contained in the tank will thus remain cool.

Green wall

The next dressing solution is very original. This is the green wall planted especially to surround the large tank of 1000 liters.

The green wall is a solution to realize yourself and there is no specific rule for the realization. The goal is just to camouflage the tank in a vegetable envelope and all means are good to achieve it.

The solution of green wall cladding benefits from all the advantages. It offers a beautiful aesthetic that allows it to integrate naturally into outdoor spaces, in addition, the leaves protect the tank against the sun.

Protective Bache

For some time now, there are also protective tarpaulins specially designed to dress tanks of 1000 liters, they have the ability to protect the contents of the tank from the UV rays of the sun.

To conclude

Anyway, by defining your needs well, you can find models that can facilitate the integration of the cistern in your garden among the different types of dressing available to you to dress a tank of 1000 liters. It should be noted, however, that regardless of the type of cladding chosen, this type of device does not protect against freezing.

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