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By Daniel L. (Plougastel-Daoulas, France) on 26 July 2021 :


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What tomatoes to plant?

Published : 03/20/2021 06:48:38
Categories : Advice

What tomatoes to plant?

What tomatoes to plant?

Starting by planting tomatoes when you have a little room to devote to the vegetable garden, it's a classic of apprentice gardeners! However, if you like to eat them, you don't always know which varieties to turn to... Hereis a small selection to help you make your choice.

Tomatoes are not the hardest to grow, and there is nothing more exciting than being able to taste the fruits of your work while walking in the garden. So we give you our tips on which varieties of tomatoes to plant. Follow him guide!

Know the different characteristics of different varieties

Here are some varieties that are often found in vegetable gardens and that have proven their worth on the plates.

The Bern Rose

When one imagines or draws a tomato, it usually resembles this variety. Round, fleshy, it brings a nice hint of sugar,it will go very well with your tomato and mozzarella salad. You will also be able to cook it, and it is will be appreciated for its few pips.

The Beef Heart

It is so called for its shape, which resembles that of a heart. Very juicy, round and fleshy,the beef heart tomato is usually sweet in the mouth. You can use it in your salads, but also as a stuffing.

The Black Of Crimean

Huge: it can weigh up to 4kg, it's even impressive! This dark red tomato has a low acidity that will allow it to easily sublimate a salad of raw vegetables.

The Andean Cornue

In the shape of a chilli,it can have a red or yellow color. The flesh is firm, with a very thin skin. The Andean Cornue is relatively soft, you can use it in grout (but the salad will go very well too).

The Green Zebra

Green, as the name suggests, the Green Zebra is also fleshy, juicy, and it brings a nice hint of acidity. It is widely used in salads, to give colour and charm to your plates.

The Evergreen tomato

This is the other varietyof green color, among the most common. It is a relatively large fruit, which pulls slightly on the yolk. It is distinguished by its slight bitterness, which is appreciated to bring something more to the aromatic palette of a salad of different varieties of tomatoes, for example.

La Roma

A large tomato with an elongated shape, Roma tomato is often used for its juice because it makes a lot of juice. You can use this one canned, or for juices.

The Buffalo Steak

The "Buffalo Steak"tomato is THE tomato to stuff par excellence! Big fruit, ribbed, very fleshy, we appreciate the freshness it leaves in the mouth.

The "Fandango"

Very bright red, it brings a much appreciated color to the plate. It has a veryfine skin,which promotes the harvesting of its juice. This fruit also has a particularly sweet flesh.

The red cherry tomato

Also known as red currant, it is the most common cherry tomato variety! Of course, we are all waiting for the time to harvest this juicy, sweet fruit, which comes to line the taste budsduring aperitifs with friends. The good thing is that it is one of the tomatoes that grows most easily, it is ideal for beginners in gardening! Indeed, it does not require a great deal of maintenance, since they grow in the same way as a bush, therefore, no need for stem to support them;

Gold Nugget Cherry Tomato

Gold Nugget cherry tomato is bright yellow to orange yellow. It brings a sweeter and fruitier flavor than its peers, which will form a nice pair with its sister the red cherry tomato, which is more lively and makes more acidity.

Plant tomatoes while thinking about when to harvest them

Once you've chosen the variety you're interested in based on its characteristics, don't forget to think about the period ofre-cooking! Perhaps you want a fruit to harvest at the beginning of the season? Or later? Do not hesitate to take note of this factor, which may be important.

Be aware that there are early varieties, which can be harvested 50 to 70 days after planting - among them, among them, varieties such as Marmande. Mid-season tomato varieties - such as Crimean Blacks, Green Zebras, or Andean Cornues - are harvested between 60 and 90 days after planting. It is often these varieties that are chosen by gardeners, because all their crops arrive at the same time.

Late tomatoes,on the other hand, can only be harvested after 80 to 100 days of planting. It is often the larger varieties, which require good maturity, that are affected. Warning: these varieties require special attention because of the risk of disease. Indeed, they are exposed to the rainslonger, which can cause mildew... It's up to you to see if you're ready to take care of it!

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