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When and how to water the garden in the summer?

Published : 04/22/2021 15:47:05
Categories : Advice

When and how to water the garden in the summer?

When and how to water the garden in the summer?

This is one of the gardener's many constraints: in the summer, it is absolutely necessary to water if you hope to keep a vegetable garden and massifs healthy! Here are our tips on that.

Watering: when exactly should I start?

It is often thought that it is useful to water only after the season of the big heat arrives ... It's a mistake! Bear in mind that you should water when it does not rain, even in the spring. Your plants will run out of water from the moment they stop getting it naturally, regardless of the temperature.

How often and when to water in a day?

The other thing not to do when it comes to watering is to water at any time. Do you water during your lunch break? Again, serious mistake! To do well, focus on times of the day when temperatures are at their lowest, to prevent water from evaporating... And let the fruit of your labor not fade into the atmosphere.

Goodbye, then, the watering of noon ... Prefer an end-of-day watering, when temperatures begin to drop. And since they usually decline, the most appropriate time is of course in the evening, except in early spring when frost continues to threaten. In this case, consider watering in the morning, once the air has warmed up a bit.

As for frequency, there is no rule in this area. If during a heat wave you will have to water every day, this will not necessarily be the case at least in June... Ditto according to the plants in the garden.

Where the euphorbe, marsh hibiscus or fruit vegetables - melon, tomatoes, etc. - of the vegetable garden flourish despite excess water,this is not the case for other species that are at risk of contracting diseases or not developing in a waterlogged land.

Water well according to species, instructions

It's a no-brainer: to water well, it's better to know your garden like your pocket. Learn to understand your plants because they, depending on the variety, do not have the same water needs.

No need to buy an encyclopedia on each of them: their good outfit (or not) will tell you if you are overestimating orUnderestimate their water needs. If the leaves hang and they start to wilt... It's time to take action and fill your watering can!

Watering in summer, what to avoid

First, avoid wetting the leaves when watering: being more prone to fungi and diseases, they may develop them... But also to burn if they are still wet when the sun hits. Choose watering close to the foot, making sure the soil soaks well.

What you have to have in mind is that it is the roots that must take advantage of the watering you provide to the plant, because they are the ones that must have a sufficient supply of water to grow. On the other hand, avoid creating puddles when watering, as this may suffocate the soil, and prevent the proper development of the root system.

The exception, of course, are the plants that appreciate sprinking, like cabbages and salads... Do not hesitate, as it was said above for the frequency and quantity of water, to also adapt your method of watering to each species!

What tools can be used to water well?

You can use an automatic sprinkler system if you have a large area to water, but be aware that thewatering can,despite its "old school" airs, remains the most effective tool because it can target feet, roots, and plants in particular that will need more water than others.

To limit water evaporation during periods of highest temperatures, do not hesitate to straw your beds and crops, for example with dried mowing, straw or dead leaves. The important thing is that the land stays fresh and water losses are limited.

If you're going on vacation, you can always install an automatic drip sprinklersystem. This system is convenient when you are away or have a very large garden, because it allows you to water as close as possible to the feet of plants and evenly, without creating puddles. If your drip is equipped with a programmer, it's even better... But it will necessarily be a bigger investment!

Watering: how to save money?

We're not going to lie, watering the garden is water-hungry... This is not good for the planet or your wallet! To save money, you can always install a rainwater recovery system, so you can use rainwater to water. It will be stored in the months preceding the drought months, and it will always be saved!

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