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Duracool & Tools

Do you need refrigerant gas for a refrigeration system or refrigeration circuit? Bet on the Duracool!

The qualities of the Duracool refrigerant gas

This gas is highly regarded for the air conditioning systems of vehicles, in particular, for its superior cooling quality and its ecological qualities. It is a hydrocarbon refrigerant gas which does not generate a greenhouse effect and does not harm the ozone layer. The Duracool gas is a substitute gas for R12 and 134a. Non-toxic, non-corrosive and very safe, Duracool is safe for users and extends the life of refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

What tools forDuracool?

<p> Adapter, tube cuts, electronic scales, leak detectors, expansion valves, vacuum pumps, manifolds, quick couplings, thermometers or vacuum gauges ... You need tools to maintain a refrigeration system! But rest assured, all the accessories you'll need are available in your Multitanks online store. In addition, additives for refrigerant gas are available, and for even more peace of mind, Duracool packs with various tools for mechanical enthusiasts are also available and can be delivered to the address of your choice as soon as possible. Need more information or advice on maintaining a refrigeration system? Please do not hesitate to contact Multitanks customer service by phone at 04 77 76 00 29 or by/fr/index.php?controller=contact-form ">email.

Duracool & Tools

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Datasheet THERMOMETER DT-2 in multitanks 080301
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A self-piercing tap for cans - R134a

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Datasheet for self-piercing valve spool - R134a home multitanks DC6007
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A self-piercing tap for cans - R12

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Datasheet for self-piercing valve spool - R12 in multitanks DC6003
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