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Autumn: discover the seasonal vegetables!

Published : 07/12/2021 10:29:19
Categories : Advice

Autumn: discover the seasonal vegetables!

Autumn: discover the seasonal vegetables!

Even if we are generally a little sad to see the summer come to an end, thearrivalof autumn is still goodnews: it means that we will be able to find our favorite hot and gourmet drinks such as the "pumpkin spice latte", have fun preparing Halloween by decorating our windows with terrifying pumpkins, but also taste the delicious vegetables that accompany this season ... Moreover, we make you discover them in detail below, notice to gourmets!

Reminder: eating seasonal vegetables, why is it good?

If consuming "seasonal" seems so important to us, it is for several good reasons:

  • Firstly, because it better meets our nutritional needs. Indeed, nature is well made: in winter when our body requires more fuel to be able to function properly, it is the season of oranges, clementines and other citrus fruits stuffed with vitamin C, but also leeks, cabbages and spinach rich in minerals. Same thing in summer, when hydration is the key... It's good, it's precisely the season of waterlogged fruits like tomato and watermelon;
  • Then, because it is better for the planet: who says tomato in winter, says culture in heated and illuminated greenhouse, so extremely important carbon footprint but also light pollution, greenhouses creating northern lights that upset the ecosystem;
  • And finally, because it's good, quite simply! Yes, eating seasonally is also living to the rhythm of Mother Nature and therefore enjoying the diversityof tastes she has to offer us ... yum!

You will have understood it: eating while respecting the rhythm of the seasons, whether it is fruit, vegetable or fish, is the key ... Now, together, let's discover the autumn vegetables, as well as recipe ideas in which they can be used.

Zoom in on the delicious autumn vegetables

We first celebrate the return of cucurbits,which we will be able to consume in different forms: we think in particular of potimarron, pumpkin or pumpkin,which will be able to be cooked in soup, but not only. They are also delicious roasted in the oven with a few spices, puree or even in sweet preparations like the famous pumpkin pie that Americans usually prepare for the Thanksgiving meal.

As for salads,we are not left out either: if tomatoes begin to disappear from the market stalls, carrots continue to embellish our plates with raw vegetables, and lettuce to bring us all its benefits in addition to chewing under the tooth. To be enjoyed in salad or braised, we also celebrate the return of theendive and its bitterness which can be very pleasant in the mouth when it is well matched – for example with roquefort and nuts when eaten raw.

As temperatures begin to drop, it's time to pull out your casserole to prepare a good autumn cabbagepotty. Headed cabbages,rich in vitamins and fiber, are also found on our plates, whether in salad, braised or sauerkraut ... The advantage with cabbage is that there is really plenty of choice! For mediterraneenne flavors,we also take advantage of the last peppers,which continue to be harvested until the end of September. Pan-fried in a little olive oil, stuffed or pickled, there are a thousand and one ways to sublimate them.

Good news for lovers of pot-au-feu: in addition to carrot, celeriac,Jerusalem artichoke, potato and rutabaga are also seasonal... The perfect opportunity to prepare a large, smoking pot. Who says autumn, also says mushroom season, which we will be able to start collecting in the forest. And an omelette with ceps that works for the 12, one!

Finally and because it is the guarantee of iron health throughout the year, the long list of autumn vegetables also includes its share of greens,such as chards and spinach. If we say that they are rich in essential nutrients – the diet of the famous cartoon character Popeye is proof of this: he consumes only that and is endowed with incredible strength! –, they are also delicious, whether in salad in the state of young shoots, pan just fallen into butter, or cream for the most adventurous ... A real delight.

Someautumn fruitsfor dessert

To finish the meals of auomne, nothing better than a seasonal fruit. We advise you to enjoy figs and grapes while it is the period, they are juicy, sweet and filled with antioxidants.

You can also consume pears and plums,both plain and in pie or crumble accompanied by a small ball of ice cream ... Finally if this fruit is grown in your region, it is also the time to feast on persimmons, these small jewels that are found especially in Provence ... They will console you with apricots, good tasting!

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