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What type of hedge trimmer to choose?

What type of hedge trimmer to choose?

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What type of hedge trimmer to choose?

Pruning and maintaining your hedge regularly is important to guarantee its beauty, its long life and give an aesthetic appearance to your garden and green spaces in general. A trimmed hedge is distinguished by adequate height and good density for the creation of a green wall that allows to offer a more intimate space. All this requires the use of a high-performance and adequate hedge trimmer. So how to choose the right hedge trimmer and for which type should you opt ?

What is a hedge trimmer ?

A hedge trimmer, as the name suggests, is a professional machine for trimming hedges as well as lawn. Thanks to two toothed blades, it makes it possible to cut the connections by shearing. These sliding blades are activated by a motor. There is : the electric hedge trimmer, the battery-powered wireless hedge trimmer, the thermal hedge trimmer.

For a fast and precise work, the choice of hedge trimmer must be made adequately to the plants that must be cut. It also depends on various other criteria : motor power, power supply, blade length, tooth spacing, ergonomics, weight, etc.

What are the characteristics of each hedge trimmer ?

Wired electric hedge trimmer

The electric hedge trimmer is recommended for sparse hedges, topiary hedges or carving bushes. It is intended for work in gardens of small or medium area.

Equipped with a motor, this device ensures great performance and ease of handling. It is quiet and requires little maintenance for cleaning and sharpening blades.

Its use is limited to the presence of a nearby electrical outlet or extension cord in the garden. Particular attention should be paid to the electrical wire so as not to damage it. This is the weak point of this hedge trimmer.

Battery-powered wireless hedge trimmer

Unlike the wired hedge trimmer, the wireless model offers more maneuverability because it does not require a connection to the electrical sector. The power source is indeed a built-in battery. The performance of the hedge trimmer depends on that of its battery. The latter has a power of 2 to 2.5 Ah and can reach 4 Ah for the most efficient mechanisms.

Despite all the advantages it offers : maneuverability, mobility, ease of use and quiet operation, the wireless hedge trimmer has a few drawbacks. Because of its limited autonomy, the time of use could become complicated. This sometimes requires the addition of a second battery. Its heavy weight is also an inconvenience.

Thermal hedge trimmer

Renowned for its power, the thermal hedge trimmer is intended to treat very dense hedges. Its robustness allows its use in the hardest and long-term work. It is equipped with a gasoline engine, 2 or 4 revolutions and a capacity of 21 to 27 cm3, depending on the model and brand of the device.

Easy to handle thanks to its ergonomics, the thermal hedge trimmer is used by individuals and professionals. It is also intuitive, with great autonomy and longevity. Unfortunately, its weight is relatively heavy. Which will make you think twice before using it.

How to make your choice and for which hedge trimmer to choose ?

Depending on the location of your vegetation

The choice of your hedge trimmer can depend on several factors. In the first place, the location of your hedge or tree plays a key role in your choice. If your plants are far from home and the presence of an electrical outlet or an extension cord is impossible, then you should prefer a wireless hedge trimmer or a thermal hedge trimmer. Both allow freedom to move the device.

You should also know that the thermal hedge trimmer offers more performance, autonomy and efficiency. However, if you are obliged to use a battery-powered hedge trimmer, then choose a Li-Ion.

Depending on the hedge to be trimmed

The diameter of the branches can determine the choice of your hedge trimmer. For branches whose diameter does not exceed 2.5 cm, an electric hedge trimmer is sufficient.

Beyond 2.5 cm in diameter, choose a thermal hedge trimmer to cut the thickest branches. Its long blade and progressive tooth spacing, up to 38 mm, allow intensive use and high performance.

If the height of your hedge exceeds 2 m, choose a hedge trimmer with a pole.

Depending on the length of the blade and the spacing of the teeth

The blade must adapt to the nature of the work to be performed. The longer it is, the easier and straighter the size. However, it presents difficulties of maneuverability and precision. A short blade is recommended in the case of carved hedges or topiaries.

A hedge trimmer can be equipped with two blades that ensure more efficiency thanks to their reciprocating movements. We then talk about single cutting if the blades work on one side and double cutting if the blades work on both sides.

Two types of teeth are available : single teeth for high power and double teeth for faster speed but with high energy consumption. The spacing of the teeth determines the diameter of the branches to be cut.

To conclude

For trimming hedges of small size, a tooth spacing of less than 2 cm is ideal. For medium hedges, choose a spacing of 2-3 cm instead, and for dense, high or wide hedges, a spacing of more than 3 cm is recommended.

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