Info dernière minute : La livraison de Duracool 12a qui nous était annoncé pour le 13.07 a été reporté vers le 26.07 !

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By - C. (Meroux, France) on 02 Aug. 2022 :


Product rated : DURACOOL SYSTEMSEAL encore une fois vente sans...

By andré F. (Merxheim, France) on 02 Aug. 2022 :


Product rated : Full Female Plug 2" S60x6 Livraison effectuée à mon...

By jean-philippe A. (HERBLAY, France) on 01 Aug. 2022 :


Product rated : DURACOOL DURADRY Très bon produits dèja...

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  • Multitanks Social Networks
    Published : 07/01/2022 15:26:17 | Categories : Latest news

    Multitanks lists its different social networks in order to be able to better communicate with us

  • What type of hedge trimmer to choose?
    Published : 06/13/2022 10:12:13 | Categories : Latest news

    Pruning and maintaining your hedge regularly is important to guarantee its beauty, its long life and give an aesthetic appearance to your garden and green spaces in general.

  • Destocking of products
    Published : 03/28/2022 15:08:44 | Categories : Latest news

    We open a section for products that we destock for various reasons: customer returns, objects damaged during transport, stopping a product .. a discount is offered!

  • Multitanks launches its project for a new warehouse in Montbrison
    Published : 03/24/2022 20:15:24 | Categories : Latest news

    After years of strong growth, Multitanks launches its project to build a new building of 1200m² in order to be able to meet the requirements of E-commerce in the future

  • Growth Champions 2022
    Published : 02/11/2022 09:11:43 | Categories : Latest news

    Multitanks is part of the ranking of the "Champions of Growth 2022" of the newspaper Les Echos. We are very proud of this distinction that we owe to our customers and thank you for it

  • Official launch of MULTICOOL 12a
    Published : 07/23/2021 14:13:27 | Categories : Latest news

    MULTICOOL 12a is a substitute fluid with a reduced global warming potential (GWP) for HFC-134a (R134a), R12 and 1234yf. It is an alternative to duracool 12a

  • Watering the garden in summer: our tips
    Published : 06/23/2020 10:18:28 | Categories : Latest news

    When you conscientiously maintain your garden all year round, you end up dreading summer and rising temperatures. Here are our tips for watering your plants properly

  • Pumps for watering the garden
    Published : 06/23/2020 09:47:26 | Categories : Latest news

    Is your garden close to a river, pond or well? It is in your best interest to install a sprinkler pump. Here's how it works and the different existing models.

  • How to fertilize your vegetable patch?
    Published : 06/01/2020 11:22:51 | Categories : Latest news

    The soil of your vegetable garden must be nourished: if it is not it, the plants which grow there may encounter growth problems ... And you, having to say goodbye to your harvest!

  • New for 2020: loyalty and sponsorship program
    Published : 02/20/2020 10:45:28 | Categories : Latest news

    Refer friends and earn euros for each purchase made by your referrals. These can then become sponsors, you will receive a percentage on the purchases of your referrals

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