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By Juha H. (SIILINJÄRVI, Finland) on 06 July 2020 :


Product rated : 2 "S60x6 female connector - male 2" S60x6 I haven't got it yet....

By Eric V. (JACOB BELLECOMBETTE, France) on 06 July 2020 :


By Eric V. (JACOB BELLECOMBETTE, France) on 06 July 2020 :


Product rated : Lid 15cm for 1000L tank with PVC 63/75 inlet Un léger soucis avec le pas...


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New for 2020: loyalty and sponsorship program

Published : 02/20/2020 10:45:28
Categories :

New for 2020: loyalty and sponsorship program

Establishment of a sponsorship and loyalty program

- Sponsorship Program

You are customers of our products, youtubers, influencers, you can now earn money by promoting our products on the digital platforms of your care (facebook, twitter, others ...) thanks to our new sponsorship program . The more you talk about our site, the more you will earn in return. Everything will be centralized in your Rewards account.

How does this work ?

Here is the procedure to follow to get started in sponsorship:

- Create an account on our site, and connect to the site
- In the "Your Account" section, click on "Sponsorship Program". You will find the links which are specific to you which you will have to give to your friends or post on forums, blogs. This link takes the following form: https://www.multitanks.com/fr/?s=22380212
- You can promote a specific product on a post or on a video, you will find the sponsorship link in the product sheet

By clicking on this link, a window will open and display your personalized link which you will have to copy / paste on other sites.

- Once the links have been posted, you will be able to see the first feedback in the "Sponsorship Program" and "My Rewards" sections. You will thus have access to several statistics such as the number of registered referrals, number of orders, amount of commissions ...

- Namely, all your new referrals will be automatically offered as a gift a 10% reduction voucher valid on the whole site from their first order, encouraging them even more to order the products that interest them

- Remuneration

By default, a commission of 5% of the order of a referral is credited to your Rewards account, excluding shipping costs, 7 days after delivery thereof as long as the legal deadline for returning products is not exceeded. Namely, any godson can also become a sponsor in turn (what we will call level 2). In this case, you will also receive commissions on the purchases of your referrals. In total, the system goes up to 3 levels of rewards.

The commissions are therefore as follows:

- Level 1: 5% excluding shipping costs
- Level 2: 2% excluding shipping costs
- Level 3: 1% excluding shipping costs

You can then either spend the money credited to your Rewards account on our website by creating a reduction voucher (option possible from € 20 credit), or request payment of the amount credited (option possible from € 100 available on your Rewards account). In the latter case, we will ask you to send us an invoice beforehand for our accounting.

These remunerations are the standard remunerations, they can be negotiated on a case by case basis according to the volume of customers that you can bring us.

- Loyalty program

In addition to the sponsorship program mentioned above, we have also implemented a loyalty system. Any order placed on our website directly will grant you a reward equivalent to 5% of the total amount including tax of your order.

Example: For an article at 58 €, the customer will get 2.9 € in reward

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