Info dernière minute : La livraison de Duracool 12a qui nous était annoncé pour le 13.07 a été reporté vers le 26.07 !

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Official launch of MULTICOOL 12a

Official launch of MULTICOOL 12a

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Hydrocarbon Refrigerants

Chemically speaking, a hydrocarbon [HC] is a naturally occurring elemental compound of hydrogen and carbon found in large concentrations in crude oil.Used as a modern refrigerant, non-toxic hydrocarbons are an environmentally friendly alternative to fluorocarbons CFCs/HCFCs/HFCs linked to ozone depletion and global warming

Hydrocarbons belong to the group of natural refrigerants and have a zero ODP and a negligible GWP.

The relative cost of a system using hydrocarbons depends largely on the application. In domestic and light commercial applications, the system cost is similar to that of systems using HFCs.In commercial and industrial refrigeration applications, HC systems tend to be relatively expensive because of the need for anti-evaporative enclosures for the electrical equipment, and the need for a high level of commercial and industrial refrigeration applications, HC systems tend to be relatively expensive due to the need for electrical equipment enclosures, although for outdoor chillers, the additional cost for safety is more modest.

Launch of MULTICOOL 12a

For a year now, Multitanks has offered its own range of hydrocarbon refrigerant gases in can format: MULTICOOL , in addition to the refrigerants DURACOOL.Ourrange is complete and we already offer ecological alternatives to all industrial gases on the market: R32, R410, R22, R502, R407c ....

All that was missing was an alternative solution to replace R12, R134a and 1234yf . We already offer Duracool 12a in our catalogue, an excellent product whose reputation and efficiency is well known. However, its supply from Canada is very often problematic (production capacity of the factory and craze for the product), especially during the high season, which causes us every year shortages of stock despite all our initiatives anticipated to avoid this kind of problem.

To remedy these shortages, we are launching the MULTICOOL 12a, a product comparable to Duracool 12a, which offers several advantages

  • two sizes of cans: 160 and 420grs
  • Cheaper price
  • Extremely faster supply
The ease of use will allow you to refill your air conditioners very quickly.

The first cans of MULTICOOL12a that we offer are equipped with an M12 thread instead of a 1/2 ACME thread like the cans Duracool or the other cans of the MULTICOOL range . If you are in possession of one of our refill hoses like the DC4000 andDC402, you should know that these M12 cans will not be compatible with the DC4000 hose : the tap being crimped to the hose, it is impossible to unscrew it.

We have decided to offer a free M12 compatible self-tapping tap with each can. You will be able to use it for example with our DC402 hose or any other refill hose allowing to change the tap.

Within a few months, the future cans proposed on our website will be equipped with a 1/2 ACME threaded end to allow a 100% compatibility with all our hoses

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