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The garden in autumn: maintenance and plantings

Published : 09/24/2020 14:23:48
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The garden in autumn: maintenance and plantings

The garden in autumn: maintenance and plantings

Back to school is over, temperatures are dropping and the paths are covered with leaves with yellow and coppery reflections: it's autumn! In the garden, it's time to clean, tidy, but also to plant and sow... Follow our instructions to remember nothing.

What maintenance work will be done in the fall?

We can never say enough, but a beautiful garden is maintained all year round. In the fall, one can devote ourselves to:

  • The size of the shrubs, to help them to get back on track in the spring and give them a harmonious silhouette. Cut dead or diseased branches, as well as those that interfere with each other, appear too fragile or badly attached to the fork. Be careful, however, not to prune excessively, as the remaining leaves may protect the trees from frost; ;
  • The pruning of thetrees, to give them a beautiful shape. If you don't call on a professional and choose to prune yourself, consider taking all necessary precautions. Wear anti-cuttingclothing, goggles and a safety helmet, and equip yourself with a rope, a musket and a fall harness;
  • The lastmowing, before the climate becomes too humid (inNovember but not after so as to avoid the first frosts).) Wait until the grass stops growing,then adjust your mower a little higher than during the summer. On usually advises between 5 and 3 cm as winter approaches. This last mowing will help your lawn to start again faster in the spring, allowing the root system to develop;
  • The scarification of the lawn,if you find that it is invaded by moss or felt. You can use a manual, electric or thermal scarifier, the important thing being that you have previously mowed to raz;
  • To mulch,in order to protect the garden from the cold. Indeed, if the autumn temperatures - especially at the end of September or even October in the case of Indian summer - are still mild, this season usually precedes thearrivalof thecold weather... So it's time to choose an insulator to install on the land of your beds and your vegetable garden, or at the foot of your trees and shrubs. In particular, you can recycle your mowing, hedge sizes or dead leaves, making sure to straw in sufficient thickness - up to 15 cm;
  • Soil fertilization: If you produce soil, do not leicte on compost to enrich the soil of the garden, weakened by the summer. You can also use other natural fertilizers such as coffee grounds,banana skin, wood ash or pasta cooking water, known to help soil replenish their nutrient stocks needed to overwinter;
  • To hoeing and weeding flowerbeds and vegetable gardens, in order to rid them of weeds that may unnecessarily deprive the soil of its nutrients;
  • To the big housekeeping! After sheltering cold-fearing plants such as hibiscus, geraniums, lemon trees or bougainvillea, sheltered, pruned, pruned, then picked up dead leaves and plant debris so they don't litter the ground, clean, snamp and disinfect your tools,then store them in adry, damp place. Also remember to empty the stagnant water in your garden hoses and store them... If they are still full at the time of the first frosts, they may break!


What to plant in the fall to harvest in the spring?

Autumn is the ideal time to plant bare-rooted trees. You can plant fruit trees such as apple trees, pears, plums, or gooseberries as long as they are left in a pot, but also non-fruit trees such as conifers,rose bushes, or heathland shrubs. However, remember to pralinize the roots, tutor the plants and straw the foot.

You can also plantflowering bulbs and perennials such as tulips, crocuses, snowdrops, narcissus or daffodils, and sow grass. Thisis the best way to get flowers and a beautiful and healthy lawn in the spring. To make a perfect seeding,choose a day when the temperature is neither too low nor too high.

Unfortunately, the time for the last summer vegetable harvests has arrived! Ifyou can always prepare preserves to give some sun to your plates in the middle of winter, consider planting different varieties of cabbage and lettuce,but also turnips and garlic to replace them zucchini and tomatoes.

As you will have noticed, which says autumn does not necessarily mean desertion of the garden ... So we roll up our sleeves, and we get started!

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