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Why use a food plastic can or was made of plastic food?

Why use a food plastic can or was made of plastic food?

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Why use a food plastic can or was made of plastic food ?

A storage drum is closely related to its contents. It must not contaminate it, for example. This is where food-grade polyethylene drums come in. These food plastic containers are different from other types of drums. Polyethylene drums can protect products and food liquids that are fragile to preservation. In addition, they are perfectly suited for industrial use. The purity level of these food plastic drums makes them highly secure for storing consumable products. Zoom on this type of product.

What is a food grade keg?

A food drum is a storage element that has been designated as safe for long-term receipt of food and is thoroughly tested to confirm that it does not contain any substance that may be harmful to humans. This means that it does not contain dangerous dyes or plastic recycled with chemicals. These cans allow you to store significant amounts of bulk food such as cereals or liquids in an airtight and insect-tight environment.

Are all plastic cans/drums safe for food storage?

The answer is quick and simple : no. All plastic drums have a direct impact on the food products they contain.  If you plan to store or ship food, you will need to invest in certified food grade plastic drums. 

What is the difference between food quality and food safety?

There is a significant difference between the two terms and it is important to make this distinction:  'food grade' and 'food safety' cans are usually made of high-density polyethylene which has been referred to as 'food safety'. 

"Food safe" means that HDPE can come into contact with food (and water) and that food is safe to eat.

The difference between "food grade" plastic and "food safe" plastic is simple. It lies in the fact that the subject has been tested to prove that it does not contain harmful dyes or chemicals that could seep into food.

This proves that the term "safe for food" does not necessarily mean that it is suitable for long-term storage.

How do I know if my plastic keg is food grade?

To identify food grade kegs, return the recycling number and look for the recycling number on the bottom. If it is marked 1, 2, 4 or 5, then the barrel may contain food. There could also be a cup or fork symbol to indicate that it is safe for food.

Below are some benefits to using food grade polyethylene drums.

A canister with excellent chemical resistance

One of the main advantages offered by food plastic drums is their excellent strength. Many containers are made from high-density polyethylene. These HDPE products have excellent chemical resistance properties. They are therefore perfectly suitable for a wide range of foods, beverages and other products. Indeed, many food buckets, milk or juice containers are made of HDPE.

UN Classification of Drums

The United Nations (UN) is the body responsible for creating and disseminating regulations for the shipment of chemicals worldwide. All drums used to ship substances, especially hazardous ones, must comply with these regulations and bear a clearly printed UN packing code on the drum. Food grade polyethylene cans are UN certified.

High level of purity

When it comes to food and beverages, purity becomes a top priority. Some food-grade polyethylene barrels have a high level of purity. They are manufactured using more advanced techniques that are very different from those used in conventional methods. Thus, the polyethylene drum can be used to store food and beverages without any fear of contamination.

Resistance to high or low pH

In addition, the HDPE material used to make these food-grade polyethylene drums makes them highly resistant to certain corrosive food additives. You can place a very acidic food like tomatoes or pickles in a food plastic container. You don't have to worry about leaching chemicals and additives into food products.

To conclude

Finally, most food grade polyethylene drums are 100% recyclable. Since they do not contribute to waste and environmental pollution, these polyethylene drums are considered completely safe for the environment.

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