Duracool 12a Filling

Procédure remplissage Duracool

Duracool 12a filling procedure

Filling procedures - Duracool cans 12a 170gr

Read the instructions carefully and look at the warning on the Duracool® bobbin. Can be installed on R12 and 134a systems. Follow regulations and laws by region.

Preparation of equipment for use
(the equipment assembly must be hand tight)

  • Before installing the faucet on the bobbin, make sure that the faucet is fully turned counterclockwise to avoid puncturing the bobbin prematurely.

  • Aim the tap on the bobbin

  • At the other end of the hose (the one with the valve) screw the quick-connect connector R134a or R12, depending on the fitting that equips your vehicle. Attention only our connectionf = "http://multitanks.com/gaz-refrigerant-deepcool-additifs/118-trousse-de-recharge-de-climatisation-dc402.html">DC402has both connections


Filling procedure

  • Turn on the vehicle and set your air conditioning to maximum to start the compressor. Locate the low-pressure service port of the air conditioning system usually a blue and black cap (never connect to the high pressure side)

  • Remove the low pressure plug

  • To connect the quick-connect connector to the low-pressure service port. Pull the ring back while keeping the ring pushing the connector on the low pressure service port. To ensure a good connection the ring will return to the initial position.

  • Turn the faucet valve clockwise until it pops into the bobbin.

  • Turn the faucet valve counterclockwise to allow the refrigerant to enter the air conditioning system.

  • During this procedure the bobbin needs to be reversed.

  • When the compressor reaches steps and stops approximately every 45 or 60 seconds, this will indicate that you will need to stop the filling procedure. If you are using the DC402 charging hose with manometer, the needle must not exceed 45 PSI (top of the blue zone, ideal charging zone) because atthere you would be overloaded./ P>

  • If the temperature inside the passenger compartment is not cold enough, you will need to add refrigerant in a small amount (by opening and closing the faucet partially to the proper temperature (50 ° F).

  • Be careful not to overload the system, let the compressor run for a few minutes before adding refrigerant.

  • When the filling procedure is complete, close the valve by turning clockwise until it stops.

  • To remove the quick-connect connector, move the ring back and the connector will come out on its own./ P>

  • If it still contains refrigerant, keep the tap on the bobbin. Keep away from open flame and store in a well-ventilated area.

  • Affix the identification ticket near the service port.

Filling procedures - Duracool® 12a bottle 5.4kgs

  • Recover the existing refrigerant charge in a suitable container. Local regulations may vary from region to region. Do not mix refrigerants.

  • Bleed the circuit at -69 kpa (-10lb / in²)

  • Connect the gauges and tuyaThen, with the compressor off, fill the low-pressure side of the compressor with Duracool® 12a. Adjust the tip of the probe valve to establish the flow. (The flow stops if the tip is turned too much.) When a minimum load is reached, start the compressor and set the circuit to high pressure.

  • Add the required amount of Duracool® 12a

  • After checking the pressures and temperatures, remove the charge hose and place the Duracool® 12a label (included) on the refrigeration or air conditioning system. make sure that the labels are perfectly visible.

  • Remember that Duracool®12a is flammable and should only be leak tested with an electronic hydrocarbon tester, soap bubbles or fluorescent screening fluid. In the event of a leak, ventilate the room, keep the product away from open flames and repair the leak. After repair, continue charging.

  • If the circuit has been overloaded or leaking and needs to be recharged, empty the entire circuit and start charging from scratch again.

  • If you need additional technical support, please call your local Duracool® or DEEPCOOL distributor

  • Your circuit will now operate at a much lower discharge pressure, its efficiency will increase considerably and the customer will notice a bettercooling. POST THE LABELS ON YOUR CIRCUIT.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: The equivalent weight of Duracool®12a relative to other refrigerants is specified in "NET WEIGHT". Duracool®12a should be charged as a liquid.

  • DO NOT OVERLOAD THE CIRCUIT! Exceeding 414 kpa (60lb / in²) on the low pressure side may damage the compressor. In some cases, clearing the indicator may overload the circuit. Overloading can cause loss of cooling efficiency


  • You do not have to use all additives, each case is different. However, if you buy one or more additives, please respect the order above.
  • Namely, each can of additive contains Duracool 12a, so the addition ofone or more cans of additives can fill your gas circuit